Nuix 9x IPO – Almost the A-10-X Goal

I vividly recall my first briefing with Nuix’s dynamic duo, Eddie and Morgan Sheehy. Of course, it happened at a LTNY (probably 2009, but they all blur together). That was shortly after we had converted the eDiscovery Journal from editorial press into the eDJ Group market analyst model. I was impressed with Eddie’s laser focus on breaking the $/GB consumption market and loved Morgan’s joy [...]

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eDiscovery Journal – Six Month Thank You

Taking Stock I have published 34 blogs and 49 news commentaries since relaunching the eDiscovery Journal six months ago. That exceeds my weekly goals of 1+ blogs and 1-2+ commentaries. The weekly digest gets a 40% read rate with a constant trickle of new subscribers. I am happy with the volume of feedback, even if it is mostly on LinkedIn rather than direct comments on [...]

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eDJBrief: Reveal

Reveal keeps making the eDiscovery news, so I did a briefing with Jay Leib and George Socha to get up to speed on their overall go to market strategy. Most eDiscovery providers fall into a couple well known buckets that force them to grow, evolve or fade away. Like most players, Reveal started as a service provider focused on hosting large litigation matters.(see Reveal response [...]

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eDJBrief: Agnes Intelligence

When kCura acquired Content Analyst in 2016, I was concerned that left only two analytic engines with significant market share. I should have realized that others would see opportunity and rush to fill the void. Agnes Intelligence was founded in 2018 from John Snyder’s NY trial litigation firm. It is not surprising that the user interface and functionality focus on trial prep and triaging opposing [...]

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eDJBrief: ActiveNav – Data Mapping As A Service

ActiveNav (formerly Active Navigation founded 2008) is a cloud-based solution that inventories your on-prem/cloud data stores to an actionable dashboard and automated workflows. It is being offered at  relatively low subscription rates directly from ActiveNav or bundled into a managed service package with one of their partners. Branded as Data Mapping as a Service (DMaaS), ActiveNav’s primary differentiator from offerings like Exterro’s Data Source Discovery [...]

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eDJBrief: Relativity & Microsoft 365

With Microsoft retiring their Advanced eDiscovery v.1, some related PowerShell cmdlets and soon the Core eDiscovery interface, I asked the Relativity team for a briefing on how these changes might affect my clients using RelativityOne for in-place holds and collections. Overall I am happy to understand that the Microsoft-Relativity relationship is active and strong. The Relativity Legal Holds team has been aware of Microsoft’s push [...]

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eDiscovery Webinar Overload?

You would think that someone who used to generate substantial revenue organizing and hosting webinars would embrace the flood of new webinars and virtual conferences that this pandemic has unleashed on our Inboxes. Not so much in my case. We are all trying to cope with the rapid ups and downs of the Rona-coaster we are on. It makes sense to allocate some of our [...]

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eDJ Brief: Binfer.com – What is your Deliver SLA?

I had a good briefing with Binfer’s head of sales, Nate Van Drunen, earlier this week. Binfer.com provides secured (AES 256) direct transfer of large files. I have spent this week back in the client trenches subbing in for a lit support manager. That has been a timely reminder of the transferring ever larger collections to providers and firms. Really savvy techs can navigate Azure [...]

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The Money Behind eDiscovery Investors

Several headlines and familiar names caught my eye as I skimmed my weekend feed. The founder of Vista Equity Partners (Robert F. Smith) announced a $140M settlement with the DOJ and the IRS while his long term Texas business partner Robert T. Brockman was charged with evading $2 billion in taxes, the ‘largest-ever’ tax fraud case to date. Vista’s co-founder Brian Sheth is said to [...]

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eDJ Brief: Logikcull’s InHouse2020 – Evolving DIY eDiscovery

Having been off the ‘speaker circuit’ for the last couple years, I have had a hard time prioritizing virtual conferences while focused on relaunching the eDiscovery Journal. Logikcull asked for me to cover their InHouse 2020 virtual networking event and frankly some of the corporate focused sessions looked interesting. Between accepting their invitation and the event my clients and a research engagement consumed that time, [...]

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