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First Steps to Leveraging Purview eDiscovery

“What do you recommend to enterprise legal teams wanting to use Purview?” That was my favorite question from yesterday’s eDiscovery Channel chat with Tom O’Connor and Doug Austin. We also delved into how Microsoft is redefining ‘documents’ and ‘custodianship’ in a collaborative architecture. I thought it worth while to formalize my general approach for incorporating Purview eDiscovery in your eDiscovery-Compliance lifecycle.               Getting Started [...]

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eDJ Geek Guide – Understanding Mailboxes

Did you know that there are at least 12 types of M365 mailbox ‘owners’ that may be relevant to your holds and collections? The new Mailboxes source page  in my evergreen Geek Guides condenses and reframes Microsoft’s exhaustive administrator documentation for discovery practitioners. It explains each different mailbox creator and gives the types of mailbox items that are stored in them. Comment or email [...]

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Microsoft Roadmap-eDiscovery Impact June 2024

159 updates rolling out or launched this month. Those with significant eDiscovery impact revolve around the expanded integration of Copilot AI content in Teams meeting summaries and other applications. The new functionality has significant potential to improve productivity and the value of meetings. However, the raw generated summaries and tasks should be reviewed and corrected by the meeting owner prior to being circulated or [...]

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Peek-A-Boo! Teams File Preview

Users will now see preview images of Teams chat attachments without having to open them. I see the productivity and even security advantages of reducing file access, downloads, etc. The preview functionality does not work for files marked Confidential or that a user does not have access to. It does raise questions that I was not able to find answers for. Image from [...]

Microsoft Moves Your Meeting Transcripts

Do you use transcripts and AI generated summaries? Teams meeting transcripts have raised many eDiscovery, privacy and compliance questions since their introduction. Microsoft announced changes to transcript storage locations, default access permissions and more this month at Build 2024. I added my perspective notes to the Teams blast text below. June 12, 2024 Collaborative notes for channel meetings Work together with members of your [...]

Microsoft Recall = User Ephemeral ESI

Doug Austin and Prosearch have been covering Recall privacy concerns. It is not surprising that the local Recall database is hackable. Many forensic peers would call that an ‘accessibility feature’ for discovery scenarios. Will savvy plaintiff counsel add language to their demand letters requiring Recall enablement and content preservation for key custodians in scenarios with ongoing behavior issues? This is essentially user ephemeral data. [...]

eDJ Geek Guide – SharePoint eDiscovery Architecture

Ever wonder how ESI is stored, organized and searched in SharePoint? The new SharePoint source page in my evergreen Geek Guides condenses and reframes Microsoft’s exhaustive administrator documentation for discovery practitioners. It introduces the default containers and content types that comprise SharePoint and Teams sites. It includes a table of searchable properties from Microsoft expanded with my notes and recommendations on leveraging them in [...]

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Microsoft Roadmap: May 2024

209 in development – 41 Rolling out – 93 Launched This month's new/updated M365 Roadmap items include many tangential eDiscovery related roadmap items with Copilot content and automated Teams meeting notes/tasks creeping into most M365 experiences. The SharePoint archiving functionality could have major impact if Purview search/holds lag release (need to verify). Many enterprises migrated file shares to SharePoint with minimal clean up [...]

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Microsoft Copilot+ Can Now Recall EVERYTHING Your Witness Did

I may have to drop my ‘Microsoft has no memory’ tagline. Below is from my latest Geek Guide page covering Microsoft 365 eDiscovery and compliance sources, applications, exceptions and coping strategies. May 20, 2024 Microsoft announced a new generation of AI enabled Copilot+ PC's that would run preloaded AI models locally and provide extended AI functionality at the endpoint. For eDiscovery and compliance professionals, [...]

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Purview eDiscovery Integration Partners

Can your eDiscovery Platform integrate with the M365 Purview eDiscovery API? This Geek Guide page holds a quick list of products either listed on Microsoft’s formal partner index or has briefed me in the past about their M365 integration capabilities. The API capabilities have been rapidly expanding and most are still in beta stage of release. The general API functionality columns are based [...]

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