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Independent consultant focused on eDiscovery and IG solutions.

eDJ Brief: Redgrave Data @ LegalWeek 2024

Redgrave Data has carved out the data science driven bespoke consulting niche in an eDiscovery market dominated by traditional technology, hosting services and audit firms. Jeremy Pickens and CTO Mark Noel walked me through some of their rapid growth and recent engagements. My Legal Week 2023 briefing focused on defining the newly launched business. Since then, the five founders have been on a selective [...]

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eDJ Brief: Everlaw @ LegalWeek 2024

Everlaw seems to be an exception to the SEC’s “AI Washing” warning about the current tech hype cycle. Everlaw was called out by several Legal Week peers as one of the few to leverage AI in a practical, safe workflow. My early morning briefing with founder AJ Shankar turned into a much more philosophical technical deep dive than I expected after my first [...]

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eDJ Brief: ModeOne @ Legal Week 2024

Matt Rasmussen ModeOne provides one of the few, possibly the only, technology for practical, selective preservation and collection of mobile content from busy corporate employees. For over a decade I have been proclaiming the need for eDiscovery workflows to address mobile device content. Beyond the technical challenges and extended time required to take full forensic images of custodial phones, the comingling [...]

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Veritas Acquisition or Equity-Tech Injection

I rarely comment on M&A outside of eDiscovery market, but as a former Symantec-Veritas PM alumni I track the fate of my former products and peers. To put this in context, Carlyle Group paid $7.4 billion for Veritas in 2016. Veritas revenue and share price have stumbled recently, which may explain the massive drop in value. Underneath what looks like a fire sale is [...]

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M365 Roadmap: January 2024

I really should have done January before the LegalWeek craziness. Microsoft made 391 new or updated roadmap items with a couple that should be on your radar. The Purview team told me to watch for the new Purview eDiscovery (Premium) legal hold reports due to hit GA end of February. This has been a pain point since the platform stopped reporting metrics on [...]

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eDJ Fast Take – LegalWeek 2024

LegalWeek is BACK. The crowds. The energy. Packed exhibit floor booths. If the founding legal technology conference is a market indicator, 2024 will be a boom year for eDiscovery. 2023’s atmosphere felt tentative and unsure with booths reporting dead time and reduced prospects. All three exhibit floors were packed every time I managed to make a pass. A well-known exhibitor, “We reached our event [...]

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eDJ 2024 Kick Off – LegalWeek & More

My thanks to all the peers and providers that filled my calendar for the show next week! Apologies for anyone who attempted to use my Microsoft Booking page without success. At least I was able to untangle the vast majority of double-booked slots and wrong time zones it produced. I hope to get some time with peers at social events or just on the [...]

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Thoughts on Legal Tech’s 2024 Predictions

Stephanie Wilkin’s collection of e-Discovery predictions is a good read. I like how David Cohen called out the pricing elephant in the corner and laid out a potential path to success for providers. The best expensive solution will lose market share to it’s more accessible competitor every time. I wish that I had Ryan Hemmel’s confidence in the speed of M365 Purview adoption by [...]

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Relativity aiR Early Adopter Customer Troutman Pepper eMerge

I almost passed on this press release because it is light on real metrics, ROI or actual case results. I decided that an aiR early adopter customer being jointly promoted with Microsoft was worth calling out. These are the kind of small signals that indicate real technology progress. Now I want to see a case study on the real impact of the generative summaries [...]

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ModeOne to Relativity – Devil is in the Details

At first glance I thought, “Fantastic! I have RelativityOne clients begging for this!” Last July ModeOne  announced a direct partnership with Exterro and it is good to know that their technology will be accessible for other platforms. However, it appears that it will only be available via the 3 service partners for the next 12-months. I will nail this down in my briefing [...]

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