Legal Hold Platforms: And Then There Were None

Remember when Exterro, Zapproved, Atlas and few others were specialized Legal Hold SaaS point products? They made traction with corporate legal departments at $50-100k+ annual subscriptions. Then every eDiscovery platform and M365 added simple Legal Hold notification features to check that RFP box. Exterro made the move into processing and review before Zapproved, but Zapproved always had better, simpler usability in the RFPs I [...]

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Are You an M365 Records Expert?

Seeking peers for a confidential review and feedback on a paper focusing on M365 Purview Records Management from the large enterprise adoption perspective. This is such a complicated topic that I want to get the potential advantages and gotchas right. I also want outside perspectives to make sure that I am being fair and reasonable in my opinions before publication. The paper and potentially [...]

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LegalWeek 2023 – See You There!

LegalWeek has been pushed back to March 20-23 this year. Check my availability to reserve a time slot a briefing or peer meeting. This year I am focusing on a couple major themes: Microsoft 365 sources, integrations, records management, work arounds, success stories, partners and more. Selective hold/collection scoping via AI, categorization and other techniques. Cloud app sources, collections and merging them with traditional [...]

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eDJBrief: The LegalTech Fund

Zach Posner from The LegalTech Fund(TLTF) was one of the briefings lost in my botched ILTA attempt. Developments in my own startup during the delay made our conversation much more relevant. I want to start by expressing my thanks to Zach and Jon Zerden for all the investor insights. Zach, what is the LegalTech Fund? The LegalTech Fund is an early-stage investor, investing in [...]

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Who is Stealing Your Content?

RANT WARNING- here we go again! – I have been blogging 14+ years and expect commentary, citations and other fair use partial republication of my content. WordPress plugins handily track republication and links of posts. I always check pingbacks to make sure that they do not ‘steal’ or ‘misappropriate’ content that I have labored over. Imagine my ire when I checked a pingback from [...]

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Mike Gamson’s Great Resignation – Well Done

It seems that the Pandemic taught even CEO’s that it is okay to step back and reevaluate their futures. Some might interpret Mike Gamson relinquishing the CEO role as a sign that Relativity’s dominance of the eDiscovery platform market may be slipping. I see an executive who achieved his vision with an investment deal that pushed Relativity’s valuation to $3.6 billion and completed 3 [...]

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RelativityFest 2022 eDJ Perspectives

Relativity Fest 2022 was a fabulous time after my ILTA travel catastrophe. Instead of booking up briefings with the Relativity team, key channel partners and peers, I built a session agenda and spent a lot of time talking with attendees.  This blog will be a mix of my own (italics) and attendee perspectives on Fest and how Fest topics signal eDiscovery trends. Let’s start [...]

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eDJ Brief: Casepoint

Casepoint entered the cloud eDiscovery platform market in 2008. I had always classified it as a firm focused large matter boutique hosting platform based on their good reputation and minimal marketing presence. David Carns and Athena Strasel updated me on Casepoint’s changing role and architecture in before and after the Pandemic pause.  Casepoint’s successful bid to replace Recommind as the SEC’s primary eDiscovery platform [...]

Cloud Search Thru the API Keyhole

Stephen Arnold does a good job reality checking cloud system search and reviewing an interesting article on Google search. In the early days of eDiscovery, I learned the hard way that not all search engines or collection types returned accurate, complete results. eDiscovery marketing messaging has highlighted the gaps and limitations of native enterprise and archive search. Today I see those same eDiscovery platforms [...]

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eDJ Brief: FTI Technology and Jerry Bui

I enjoy meeting eDiscovery peers, especially those whose social media content bring me new perspectives and pro tips. Jerry Bui’s videos and articles attracted my attention and ILTA was a good excuse to catch up on FTI Technology. 7 degrees of eDiscovery It is always fun to share eDiscovery journeys and find common employers, friends and experiences. Jerry brings a fresh perspective to the [...]

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