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This month’s new/updated M365 Roadmap items include many tangential eDiscovery related roadmap items with Copilot content and automated Teams meeting notes/tasks creeping into most M365 experiences. The SharePoint archiving functionality could have major impact if Purview search/holds lag release (need to verify). Many enterprises migrated file shares to SharePoint with minimal clean up and the expectation that retention would slowly prune inactive content. The ability to embed meeting video snippets into Teams chat has potential to increase complexity and cost of review. Remember to visit the source M365 Roadmap page from the Feature links for additional information.

Feature Impact eDJ Description Details Tags – Product Tags – Release phase Release Last Modified
171100 3 eDJ has not yet tested Purview search to affirm that SharePoint sites under hold or discovery searches will automatically include archived sites. Also archiving from OneDrive. SharePoint: Microsoft 365 Archive for Sites The feature enables you to save on costs of storage exceeding the quota limit by archiving the inactive sites in SharePoint. The status has been adjusted to correctly reflect the current status of this feature. We apologize for any confusion. SharePoint General Availability, Preview 4/1/2024 5/9/2024
181617 2 Although Form content in SP/Teams has not been a high priority ESI type, this addresses a gap in collection and review for scenarios that focus on Form related content. Microsoft Purview compliance portal: eDiscovery Premium-Enhancements to eDiscovery experience for Microsoft Forms content Now admins can search for Microsoft Forms content specifically within their collections, see the full metadata associated to those items including the Form title, and review both the original Form and responses to the Form as related items within bot Microsoft Purview compliance portal Preview, General Availability 5/1/2024 5/9/2024
380184 3 While HTML versions of Loop components will ease reviewer burden, users should be given the option to select export format. Export in HTML format may not suffice for criminal/regulatory investigations Microsoft Purview compliance portal: eDiscovery – Enhancements for eDiscovery support of Loop content Now eDiscovery admins can review Loop components created in Outlook or Teams within eDiscovery (Premium) as rendered HTML files to help understand the content that has been created within the Loop component. Once the component has been reviewed, it can th Microsoft Purview compliance portal General Availability 6/1/2024 5/7/2024
323899 2 Continued expansion of default OCR on M365 content will improve the basic index quality for search. Microsoft Purview compliance portal: Optical character recognition (OCR) support for embedded images in Exchange Online This release will extend OCR support in Exchange online from standalone images (JPEG, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, PDF) to images embedded inside following files: 1. Office: Images embedded inside XLSX, DOCX, PPTX files. 2. PDF: Image-only PDF files are already s Microsoft Purview compliance portal General Availability, Preview 8/1/2024 5/29/2024
124840 3 Indeed, Copilot is slowly evolving and eDiscovery needs to understand how to differentiate GenAI vs. user content. SharePoint: Copilot in SharePoint Copilot in SharePoint combines the power of Large Language Models (LLMs), your data in the Microsoft Graph, and best practices to create engaging web content.  Get assistance drafting your content when creating new pages. Adjust the tone, expand meeting b Microsoft Copilot (Microsoft 365), SharePoint General Availability, Preview, Targeted Release 6/1/2024 5/23/2024
109534 2 Many orgs have banned meeting records/transcripts, but they are some of the highest value data assets in the company. These policies can reduce the risk associated with meeting ESI when combined with broader compliance monitoring/tagging. Microsoft Purview compliance portal: Compliant Team Meetings Microsoft Purview Communication Compliance policies can be configured to analyze Microsoft Teams meeting transcripts for potential policy matches. Teams meeting transcripts are only generated when meeting organizers opt in to meeting recording. Commu Microsoft Purview compliance portal Preview, General Availability 5/1/2024 5/14/2024
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