159 updates rolling out or launched this month. Those with significant eDiscovery impact revolve around the expanded integration of Copilot AI content in Teams meeting summaries and other applications. The new functionality has significant potential to improve productivity and the value of meetings. However, the raw generated summaries and tasks should be reviewed and corrected by the meeting owner prior to being circulated or stored as a long-term record. It is recommended that organizations and stakeholders review/create appropriate policies, procedures and controls to ensure that this content accurately reflects the source transcripts and recordings before they expire. In a related change the transcripts and recordings are now stored in OneDrive and synchronized to those in Streams.

Feature Impact eDJ Description Details Tags – Product Tags – Release phase Release Last Modified

Feature Impact eDJ Description Details Tags – Product Tags – Release phase Release Last Modified
167330 3 The wiki-based meeting notes were inaccessible to Purview. Making them a Loop component may fix this depending on the storage location. Microsoft Teams: Collaborative Notes in Channel Meetings Collaborative Notes will replace Wiki-based Channel Meeting Notes. Collaborative Notes in channel meetings allow attendees to co-create and collaborate on their meeting agenda, notes, and action items. Since Collaborative Notes are a Loop component, it is always in sync regardless of how many places they live in. Assigned Tasks in Collaborative Notes automatically sync with To Do and Planner. Microsoft Teams Targeted Release (Select People), Targeted Release (Entire Organization), General Availability 6/1/2024 6/7/2024
396571 1 This could be leveraged to help eDiscovery/Compliance users find groups and alternative accounts for custodians Microsoft Purview compliance portal: Microsoft Purview portal now supports user search functionality Our global search feature now enables you to search for users within your organization. You’ll find basic information such as names and email addresses. Additionally, if you have role management privileges, you can view assigned role groups and admin units. This means now you can search for navigational results, data, learning resources, and also for users within your organization. Microsoft Purview compliance portal General Availability 8/1/2024 6/5/2024
116251 3 This solves a discovery/preservation issue where recordings were inconsistently stored in the OneDrive of the user who started the meeting. Microsoft Teams: Teams meeting recordings will be saved to meeting organizer’s OneDrive for Business With this change Teams meeting recordings will be saved to the meeting organizer’s OneDrive for Business instead of to the OneDrive for Business folder of the person who initiated the recording. This improves the compliance of recordings as meeting organizers can then manage access permissions and recording file management. Microsoft Teams General Availability 6/1/2024 6/4/2024
167892 1 Another question for your legal hold questionnaire. “Where to you save message attachments?” Outlook: Pick a local folder for saving attachments Users are now able to pick a folder when saving an attachment in the new Outlook for Windows. This feature was rolled back to address some critical user feedback; we apologize for any inconvenience. Outlook General Availability 4/1/2024 6/4/2024
171751 4 Potential high value for corporate legal teams in scoping legal holds and discovery request terms. Microsoft Purview compliance portal: eDiscovery – Review set query report Within a review set, generate and download a hit-by-term report on a KQL query. Quickly see the count and volume of the items hit on a particular keyword or a list of compound queries. Microsoft Purview compliance portal General Availability, Preview 10/1/2024 6/4/2024
383744 5 After working with the new UI I cannot say that it markedly improved usability. The automatic search for Teams sites by user is important, but group search/management is still weak. Microsoft Purview compliance portal: Modern eDiscovery in new Microsoft Purview Portal Introducing a modernized user interface for key eDiscovery workflows, with simplified creation for cases, searches, and holds. Enhanced data source management allows for easy mapping of all data locations for users, groups, or Teams, with the ability to query location changes and frequent collaborator mapping. New search features include the ability to conduct precise searches using identifier (message ID), sensitivity labels, audit log, or evidence file. View key search statistics trends, including top data sources, sensitive information types, and content types. Long-running processes such as add to review and export now provide full visibility on progress and ETA, with detailed reporting on settings, query input, and item-level location reporting upon completion. Microsoft Purview compliance portal General Availability, Preview 10/1/2024 6/4/2024
161828 2 Potential use on multilingual eDiscovery scenarios. Microsoft Syntex: Translation A new service that enables users to translate documents quickly and accurately among dozens of languages based on specific metadata or on-demand. Note: We will not be rolling out to Government Clouds at this time.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. SharePoint General Availability 1/1/2024 6/28/2024
399921 2 It will be important to know if the summary is dynamically presented or created and stored within the document. The summary functionality would be useful to trigger classification, records and other recommendations/workflows Microsoft Copilot (Microsoft 365): Automatic summary of documents on file-open in Word When you open a document, Copilot will generate a summary in the Word window. You can hide the summary or open the Copilot chat pane to ask specific questions about the document. Word, Microsoft Copilot (Microsoft 365) General Availability 8/1/2024 6/28/2024
399550 4 Increased usage and usability of Microsoft Planner elevates tasks as discovery targets. Microsoft Planner: eDiscovery Support for Microsoft Planner Conduct a content search for eDiscovery and legal hold on Planner tasks in Microsoft Purview. The Planner data available for eDiscovery includes tasks shared with groups, along with the comments and attachments associated with those tasks. Microsoft Purview compliance portal, Planner General Availability, Preview 7/1/2024 6/26/2024
389855 1 Having an API to access the renamed Syntex models provides eDiscovery and Compliance partners an opportunity to directly leverage custom models and document libraries. SharePoint: SharePoint Premium content AI Graph API in Beta (formerly known as Syntex) We are releasing new Graph APIs for SharePoint Premium content AI capabilities in Beta (formerly known as Syntex models). You will be able to build applications using these new Graph API calls: get a Syntex model by its name, get a Syntex model by its ID, apply a Syntex model to document libraries, un-apply a Syntex model from document libraries, list all the applied document libraries of a Syntex model, create a document processing job, and get a document processing job. SharePoint General Availability, Preview 6/1/2025 6/25/2024
381121 3 Automatic sharing of AI generated summaries, notes, etc. poses a risk that meeting organizer will not have time to review/amend content mistakes prior to sharing. Microsoft Teams: Meeting recap and meeting artifacts automatically shared in chat after meeting Shortly after a meeting ends, meeting participants will automatically get a set of all the artifacts from the meeting in the meeting chat. Included in this set is a quick entry point to the meeting recap page, the transcript, the recording, Collaborative notes, any files that were shared, a link to any Whiteboard that was used, and the meeting details like date and time of the meeting event. For users with access to intelligent recap, in addition to the entry point to intelligent recap, users will also see highlights like number of speakers, number of name mentions, and suggested tasks. Microsoft Teams General Availability, Targeted Release 4/1/2024 6/21/2024
124840 3 Indeed, Copilot is slowly evolving and eDiscovery needs to understand how to differentiate GenAI vs. user content. SharePoint: Copilot in SharePoint Copilot in SharePoint combines the power of Large Language Models (LLMs), your data in the Microsoft Graph, and best practices to create engaging web content.  Get assistance drafting your content when creating new pages. Adjust the tone, expand meeting bullets into structured text, or get help making your message more concise. All within our existing commitments to data security and privacy in the enterprise. SharePoint, Microsoft Copilot (Microsoft 365) General Availability, Targeted Release, Preview 8/1/2024 6/20/2024
185802 3 See recent blog for discussion. Recommend policy, training and retention updates before incorporating AI generated meeting content. Microsoft Teams: Intelligent Meeting Recap for transcript-only meetings (Premium) Intelligent recap will support meetings with only transcript enabled, and without recording enabled. In the case when only transcript is enabled for a meeting, the features from intelligent recap that users can access are AI-generated meeting notes, AI-generated tasks, and name mentions. Intelligent recap features are also available as a part of the Copilot for Microsoft 365 license. Microsoft Copilot (Microsoft 365), Microsoft Teams Targeted Release (Select People), Targeted Release (Entire Organization), General Availability 6/1/2024 6/20/2024
397889 3 Looking forward to the new Purview Portal Microsoft Purview compliance portal: The new Microsoft Purview Portal entering GA The new Microsoft Purview portal has a streamlined design and unified experience that helps you discover and access data security, risk, and compliance solutions for all your data, wherever it lives across your data estate. This means you can now extend protection across multiple data estates. Additionally, you can also access new features such as global search, new settings experience, and recommendations. Microsoft Purview compliance portal General Availability 8/1/2024 6/19/2024
164865 1 This functionality will now support scenarios where retention is triggered by an event/action when items are labeled. This bypasses the often complicated event trigger workflow and supports scenarios such as post M&A retention and others. Microsoft Purview compliance portal: Data Lifecycle Management – Ability to change retention period on labels set to start retention based on “When items were labeled” Previously, admins could not change the retention period set on existing labels configured to start retention from when items were labeled. This feature will remove this restriction, and the resulting behavior will be consistent with other retention label types. Microsoft Purview compliance portal General Availability 3/1/2024 6/18/2024
93268 4 Aggregated hold reports in Purview is great news. Unfortunately they do not include metrics or detailed custodial/source information. Microsoft Purview compliance portal: eDiscovery (Premium) – Hold reports Out-of-the-box reports that contain information about all legal holds associated with eDiscovery cases in the Microsoft Purview compliance portal. Sort and filter your view based on various criteria and download the aggregated information for further analysis. Note: The status and release month has been updated to reflect the current state. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Microsoft Purview compliance portal General Availability, Preview 6/1/2024 6/13/2024
186429 3 Per recent eDJ blog, recommend updating policies, training and retention practices before incorporating AI-generated summaries of key meetings and potentially disabling them for users under legal hold Microsoft Teams: Intelligent Meeting Recap for scheduled channel meetings (Premium) Intelligent recap is now available for scheduled channel meetings, so users can easily browse the meeting recording by speakers and topics, as well as access AI-generated meeting notes, AI-generated tasks, and name mentions. Intelligent recap features are also available as a part of the Copilot for Microsoft 365 license. Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Copilot (Microsoft 365) Targeted Release (Entire Organization), Targeted Release (Select People), General Availability 5/1/2024 6/12/2024
393229 3 AI notes and action items are potentially valuable, but require user training, formal workflow and preservation/retention policy expansion. Have seen erroneous note content that inverted attorney statements and needed correction. Microsoft Teams: Intelligent call recap (Premium) The Calls app in Teams will soon have AI-generated notes and action items from your calls, so you can pay attention to your conversations and save time coordinating next steps. Intelligent call recap will work for both VoIP and PSTN calls, and summaries will be generated from calls for which transcription was enabled. Microsoft Copilot (Microsoft 365), Microsoft Teams General Availability 6/1/2024 6/12/2024
365720 3 See blog on Teams transcripts for discussion. Major change in storage location and accessibility for meeting transcripts. Microsoft Teams: Improvements to the view, download, and delete experience of Teams meeting transcript files We are streamlining the storage of meeting transcript files. Starting with this feature, all meeting transcript entry points in Teams app will point to the OneDrive for Business copy only. The rollout of this feature also improves the delete experience of the transcript for meeting organizers. Now, when a meeting organizer or co-organizer deletes the transcript in Microsoft Teams app, this will delete both copies of the transcript (from OneDrive for Business and Exchange Online) at the same time. If the meeting organizer deletes the transcript from Stream, only the copy in OneDrive for Business will be deleted. We also update the default permissions so that meeting organizer and co-organizers will have permission to download or delete the transcript file, while meeting participants can only view the transcript in Teams app or Stream. In addition, the recording/transcript file owner will be able to select in Stream which participants are restricted from downloading, viewing, and editing the transcript. At the same time, meeting transcripts will stop saving in Exchange Online altogether and all transcript storage will be standardized on OneDrive for Business. Note: We have updated the description to provide greater clarity. Microsoft Teams General Availability 6/1/2024 6/11/2024
395936 5 Based on the early screenshots the thumbnail content is legible. See recent blog. We do not yet know where the thumbnails are stored and this preview bypasses usual ‘last accessed date’ and other audit trail. Microsoft Teams: File Image preview in chats and channels When you share documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF) in chat or channel conversation, you can see a thumbnail image of the file in the thread. This lets you preview the file’s content without opening it and find the file you need quickly. Microsoft Teams General Availability, Targeted Release 6/1/2024 6/11/2024
171100 3 eDJ has not yet tested Purview search to affirm that SharePoint sites under hold or discovery searches will automatically include archived sites. Also archiving from OneDrive. SharePoint: Microsoft 365 Archive for Sites The feature enables you to save on costs of storage exceeding the quota limit by archiving the inactive sites in SharePoint. The status has been adjusted to correctly reflect the current status of this feature. We apologize for any confusion. SharePoint Preview, General Availability 4/1/2024 6/10/2024

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