The eDiscovery Journal Is:

Perspective – Unfiltered essays covering eDiscovery/IG tech, practice and markets by Greg Buckles and peers. We share our expertise from the trenches without hidden marketing agendas or undeclared sales commission bias. We make best efforts to clearly disclose any affiliations or business relationships so that you understand the context of any essays. Anyone who has worked in eDiscovery long enough has probably spent time as a provider. I was Symantec’s eDiscovery Product Manager for three long years. During that time I promoted and sold our products (without earning sales commission). So all essay authors must disclose any relevant affiliations or business relationships in their essays or their author profile.

Research – Surveys, reports, presentation decks, tools and other useful documents created in my research and consulting engagements. Rather than hording my tools, I figure that my real value is my expertise to apply them to my clients unique challenges. So why not share them?

Community – A safe, moderated space to comment and interact with validated peers.

Reviewed News* – Curated, categorized and commented news from the eDJ web search engine. Filtering out the noise and adding our 2¢ to the daily feed. (in development)

The eDiscovery Journal Is Not:

Paid product or service placement – I have every intention of my own personal opinions on products and services. I hope to write up briefing notes on every demo or release briefing. The difference is that I do not get paid for publishing through the eDiscovery Journal. The providers do not dictate my opinions, though they will do their best to position their offerings in the best light. That is their job. My job is to stay skeptical and unbiased. Your job is to make sure I have considered every angle and bring exceptions to my attention.

Formal journalism or market analysis – I make my living consulting for great clients. I do not have an editor or peer reviewing my work before I hit publish any more. I do my best to fact check news and product materials, but professional opinions and affidavits are for my paying clients.

Sales lead generator – The purpose of 99% of sponsored webinars, CLEs or published ‘white papers’ is to get your contact information as a potential ‘qualified lead’. These are fed to sales reps who will gather as much public information as possible from LinkedIn and other social/professional sources. I have not and will not share member contact information with anyone, ever. Thousands of you have trusted me when taking surveys, interviews and just registering for the newsletter for the last decade.

Profitable – Really. I do this for free because it allows me to keep my pulse on the market. I enjoy the writing and your feedback. I love providing a safe venue for peers new and old. So maybe the next time you need a sharp consultant to support a solution design, overhaul your protocols or debug inconsistent tech results you will give me a call.

Email Greg Buckles with questions, comments or to set up a short Good Karma call.

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Essays, comments and content of this site are purely personal perspectives, even when posted by industry experts, lawyers, consultants and other professionals. Greg Buckles and moderators do their best to weed out or point out fallacies, outdated tech, not-so-best practices and such. Do your own diligence or engage a professional to assess your unique situation.