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GC Report 2024 – Rapid Change Indeed

Part 4 of Ari Kaplan’s annual GC Report sponsored by Relativity and FTI Technology has good survey metrics and better quotes from 60 legal department leaders.  Download the free reports to read Ari’s excellent perspectives. I pulled a couple quotes to comment on below. Legal department transformation from incident response to proactive risk management. The approach shift from reactive to proactive was most clearly [...]

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Hey Copilot, How Much Does My Boss Make?

Copilot’s retrieval capabilities may tempt disgruntled, departing or politically devious employees to fire off prompts for sensitive pricing lists, salaries, roadmaps and other corporate data jewels not secured appropriately. Copilot effectively empowers EVERY employee with a smart eDiscovery search tool. The key to managing this risk is a mature, flexible M365 group security program. Easier said than done. Security and investigators can access user [...]

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Microsoft Moved My Cheese

Microsoft announced that they have conquered unified cloud storage and migrated all of your M365 ESI to a secured, secret Syntex Alternative Reality Services platform that contains all of mankind’s ESI. This unified information pool has catalyzed the first General Artificial Intelligence code named AZURENET. Your M365 tithes will be increasing to match your income and your personal CoPilot will have your calendar completely [...]

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