Is Technostress Killing Your Productivity?

Stress is a fact of life in our adversarial legal system. Technostress is the ‘negative psychological link between people and the introduction of new technologies’. Now that many or most digital professionals semi-permanently work from home (WFH) the potential for the four technostress horsemen of the coronapocalypse are increasingly impacting our lives. Let’s meet the primary digital stressors in preliminary academic impact priority that [...]

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Veritas Compliance Winter Release Announcement Webinar

I hope that you join Dave Scott and myself for the Veritas Compliance Portfolio Winter Announcement webinar this Wednesday January 19th at 10am CST. Join us to hear about all the new capabilities of Veritas (formerly Symantec) Digital Compliance portfolio. Dave will cover all the new data sources and features from Enterprise Vault, eDiscovery Platform and more. I have been invited to discuss the [...]

Omicron Pushing Legalweek New York 2022 til March? CONFIRMED

Since publishing my annual pre-LTNY blog yesterday I have received multiple communications from vendor execs and at least one industry researcher whom I respect. The hot rumor is that Legalweek will be pushed til March to give the Omicron wave time to subside. This has not been confirmed by ALN, so wait for the official word before you change travel or calendars. Pushing such [...]

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Will Omicron Kill Legalweek New York 2022?

  The trickle of LTNY briefing cancellations and rescheduling requests started over the holidays. I expected some from the Delta wave, but I did not expect this Monday’s wave of ‘we regret to inform you that CompanyX will not be presenting at Legalweek due to safety concerns’. Many of us have been looking forward to Legalweek New York 2022 as our first large scale [...]

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eDJ Brief: Knovos

It has been a while since I caught up with my friend Joe Bartolo. Knovos has evolved from their service provider roots (Capital Novus) into a broad, diverse legal technology company. Despite Relativity’s dominance of the large matter review market, mid-market players like Knovos seem to be gaining traction with usable, focused products that meet specific customer requirements. eDiscovery functionality, performance and innovation can [...]

100% Retention as a Knowledge Strategy – Case Study

The majority of corporate professional knowledge workers shifted to remote or hybrid working in 2020. Working from home has challenged many HR, legal and compliance departments to adapt their policies and acceptable use guidelines. Video online meetings and continuous chat channels are essential tools to keep internal/external teams virtually connected. Prior to the pandemic, most of my clients viewed meeting recordings and multi-party chat [...]

Words You Do Not Want to Hear at Checkout

Warning: Humorous content having nothing to do with legal technology. There I was standing masked at my small bank trying to make my end of year retirement contribution and related transactions. I like my little bank and know most of the staff. I did not want to go inside but knew that shouting instructions through the drive thru speakers would be worse. Or so [...]

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Vacation Musings While Disconnected

A couple times a year I slip the electronic tether to float weightlessly in the infinite blue sea, bringing home memories and photos of another world. Most long term eDiscovery peers have developed similar mechanisms to cope with the stress and information overload inherent in our profession. The sheer relief I experienced being disconnected from my flood of email, posts, articles, books, chats, meetings, [...]

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The Video Dilemma, Risk vs. Value

The Pandemic continues to change how we communicate, do business and manage our lives. Teams and Zoom video meetings from our home offices are the new business casual. Invitations to webinars, vblogs, online classes and conferences fill our feeds. A quick search for eDiscovery webinars in the last three weeks yielded 4,290 hits. Marketing and sales executives are franticly creating online video content that [...]

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Post Pandemic Paradigm Shift in Corporate Discovery?

2020 was a write off for many in the eDiscovery market. Client initiatives held or cancelled outright while the judiciary granted mass continuances as they struggled with the transition to remote hearings. Many of my long-term clients issued work stoppages that lasted more than six months. 2021 arrived carrying all those backlogged matters and projects. After a few quarters scrambling to catch up and [...]

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