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eDJ Geek Guide – Understanding Mailboxes

Did you know that there are at least 12 types of M365 mailbox ‘owners’ that may be relevant to your holds and collections? The new Mailboxes source page  in my evergreen Geek Guides condenses and reframes Microsoft’s exhaustive administrator documentation for discovery practitioners. It explains each different mailbox creator and gives the types of mailbox items that are stored in them. Comment or email [...]

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Microsoft Moves Your Meeting Transcripts

Do you use transcripts and AI generated summaries? Teams meeting transcripts have raised many eDiscovery, privacy and compliance questions since their introduction. Microsoft announced changes to transcript storage locations, default access permissions and more this month at Build 2024. I added my perspective notes to the Teams blast text below. June 12, 2024 Collaborative notes for channel meetings Work together with members of your [...]

Microsoft Recall = User Ephemeral ESI

Doug Austin and Prosearch have been covering Recall privacy concerns. It is not surprising that the local Recall database is hackable. Many forensic peers would call that an ‘accessibility feature’ for discovery scenarios. Will savvy plaintiff counsel add language to their demand letters requiring Recall enablement and content preservation for key custodians in scenarios with ongoing behavior issues? This is essentially user ephemeral data. [...]

Leveraging the Purview eDiscovery API

What can your eDiscovery Platform do through the M365 Purview eDiscovery’s new API? My recent blog covering the potential API fees for exports highlighted the risk of the traditional ‘pump and dump’ custodial approach to M365 ESI. The eDiscovery API can do a lot more than just bulk exports managed by many integration partners. I have multiple global corporate clients managing their in-place [...]

Purview eDiscovery Export Checklist

Where did that collection come from? I had a long Teams session with an old friend wrestling with certifying collections made by corporate clients. He raised many legitimate concerns regarding Microsoft 365 search limitations and source complexities. The conversation inspired me to create a fast Purview eDiscovery collection checklist to covering the overall decisions, scope, criteria and process. While I prefer formal protocols and [...]

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Substrate – M365’s Hidden Compliance Service

Have you ever wondered how Microsoft conquered the challenges of federated enterprise search? They cheated. This post and many more are part of a new 'collaboration hub' that I am hosting on the eDiscovery Journal site to share quickly changing information and 'better practices' for enterprise eDiscovery (mostly M365 for now). While writing a "Purview eDiscovery for Dummy's" draft I realized that some of [...]

eDJ Brief: Casepoint FOIA and Legal Holds

Casepoint has rolled out FOIA and Legal Hold modules to solve government and corporate pain points. The key value I see is the deep integration of complex task management workflows with the underlying eDiscovery platform. I have seen many tracking systems for FOIA, DSAR and other external information requests. Few integrate both repositories (M365, Google, Box, etc.) and eDiscovery platforms. Similarly, most Legal [...]

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The Supreme Cost of Lingering Metadata

Supreme Court politics aside, the lingering metadata demonstrates the potential a risk and value of editorial metadata embedded within documents that have not been ‘scrubbed’ prior to production. Even when revision history has been disabled, legal hold or retention policies may create unlimited versions based on Auto-Save settings. Using Save A Copy may retained older version history.  Revision history in SharePoint defaults to 500 [...]

Microsoft @ LegalWeek 2024

eDiscovery has grown up. That was my first thought when I saw the manned Microsoft booth at Legal Week. Google and Amazon have yet to really engage with legal, compliance and governance markets. To be fair, my friend Jack Halprin delivered the Google Vault back in 2012, but it seems to have gone quiet since his passing in 2018. The Microsoft legal department and [...]

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Purview Legal Holds Report – Still No Item Statistics

Click to view full size As Mike McBride recently reported, M365 Purview(Premium) is rolling out a new aggregate report for legal hold locations. It finally arrived at my testing tenant. Unfortunately, it did not restore hold item counts, which I and my corporate clients have been requesting since they vanished from the Compliance Center. So what does the new report show and [...]

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