Casepoint has rolled out FOIA and Legal Hold modules to solve government and corporate pain points. The key value I see is the deep integration of complex task management workflows with the underlying eDiscovery platform. I have seen many tracking systems for FOIA, DSAR and other external information requests. Few integrate both repositories (M365, Google, Box, etc.) and eDiscovery platforms. Similarly, most Legal Hold systems provide notifications, custodian portal and can trigger in-place preservation, but few support ECA and scoping functionality that is critical to place defensible selective holds.

With the release of Casepoint FOIA, Casepoint combines FOIA workflow tracking and management, a client portal, and payment integration with the power of its AI-powered eDiscovery platform — eliminating the need for either a limited-capability legacy FOIA solution or multiple solutions.

With requests to US agencies growing 30% in 2023, the module is well timed for one of the early FedRAMP-authorized cloud platforms. It includes a  secured public FOIA request and publication (Reading Room) portal. The list focused module user interfaces do not require explanation or heavy training to ease adoption. The default dashboards, templates, tasks and workflows support simple usage scenarios. Sophisticated customers have the flexibility to customize without programming for flexibility without complexity. The Casepoint team anticipated most of my gotcha questions about communication storage, data segregation and email/mail request options. The platform was designed to support multiple options to meet diverse customer requirements.

“Almost 70% of the features in this module are responses to requests from corporate and government customers,” said Rajpara. “The upgraded version of Casepoint Legal Hold gives users an easy, stress-free tool that allows them to swiftly and securely preserve critical data in record time. We’ve expanded what preservation and collection can do. This upgrade requires fewer clicks, and it’s lightning fast.”

The expanded Legal Hold module was released last year, but worth revisiting the benefits of deep integration with the Casepoint platform. I believe that bidirectional integrations with M365 and other cloud sources are critical in early case resolution and selective hold scoping. In many environments, the traditional ‘preserve broadly, collect selectively’ strategy allowed counsel to delay contact with the critical ESI. No one wanted the collection, processing and hosting expense for matters that would never reach the formal discovery phase. If you take away those costs with an appropriately scaled platform hosting license you can leverage social networking, clustering, active learning and more in the early identification phase to speed matter disposition, accurately scope holds and reduce the storage impact of in-place preservation. Casepoint Legal Hold is one of the first platforms I have found that has true API based synchronization of custodial data with financial/HR systems such as ERP, SAP and others. Most rely on Entra ID (AD) exports. These are important to understand access rights and sources, but can lack key employment information such as hire dates and historical titles.

New legal hold screenshot

New Legal Hold screenshot 2

New Legal Hold screenshot 3

FOIA Reading Room

FOIA Request scaled

FOIA Request task

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