“That piece your wrote on updating our policies for migrating to Office… Can we just hire you to do that for us?”

In a word, yes you can. First drop me a note and we can set up a short Good Karma Call. If I can answer you key questions in a short call, it is free.

Why would I give away my hard earned experience and expertise?

  1. Live Research – I learn something new about unique requirements, litigation dockets, IT systems or workflow challenges with every call. Unlike most consultants, I am listening to YOUR problem without a pre-defined solution to sell you.
  2. Opportunities – I can usually point you in the right direction with a short call, but you will still have to slog through user interviews, product demos, writing budget proposals and all the other elements of solution enablement. Investing half an hour of my time may pay off if you realize that you cannot solve your issue AND do your day job at the same time.
  3. Referrals – If I deliver good advice/information that enables you to solve your problem, you will remember me the next time a peer asks for help.
  4. No Sales Pitches – I HATE selling anything, especially myself. My Good Karma principal brings me clients that already know the value I can deliver without a sales cycle.

Some years ago a friend recommended a book that seemed to encapsulate my consulting style. Patrick Lencioni’s “Getting Naked: A Business Fable About Shedding The Three Fears That Sabotage Client Loyalty” offers an entertaining insight into how I approach clients and engagements. It is a good read for your next flight.

Typical Engagements

  • eDiscovery/IG Risk & Cost Assessment – Usually initiated by new executives or during M&A events to understand current resources, staffing, practices and unique data sources.
  • eDiscovery Strategy – Provide critical perspective on eDiscovery trends, solutions, pitfalls and opportunities to key decision makers shaping your corporate discovery response.
  • Process Development and Protocol Documentation– Assess goals, requirements and resources to create and document custom workflow solutions to your critical discovery pain points.
  • Litigation Readiness –Transform matter-driven, ad-hoc legal hold and discovery response methods with proactive, repeatable procedures, standardized workflow, and technology.
  • Legal Hold– Assess current hold processes to develop or enhance workflow and documentation methods. Assist in the selection of tools and technology and provide curriculum creation and training to achieve a reasonable risk-cost balance in compliance with an organization’s discovery environment and expectations
  • Retention Management –Assist in the design and support of retention policies and workflow to lower risk of inadvertent spoliation and maximize appropriate data dissolution
  • Technology Enablement –Map your unique requirements and usage scenarios to your new legal technology with custom interactive training and protocol definition.
  • Selection Support– Design and manage selection of services and technology including drafting RFPs, fostering blind RFIs, narrowing candidates, negotiating support and performing proof of concept and acceptance testing
  • Application Testing – Performance, Acceptance and Validation –Create custom test plans for legal technology acceptance and validation assurance; know that your legal technology meets your requirements.
  • Discovery Data Maps –Support legal and IT to create static/dynamic centralized data maps of key ESI sources, custodians and organizations.
  • 30(b)(6) Witness Support –Survey corporate ESI sources, preservation and collection systems and either train internal designated fact witnesses or serve as third party witnesses.
  • Discovery Metrics/ROI– Provide tools and methods to analyze the key costs, volumes and time associated with discovery requests to support budget, ROI and Total Cost of Ownership and outsourcing decisions
  • eDiscovery Knowledge Enhancement–Get your discovery team up to speed with interactive, scenario driven training sessions.

“On behalf of a grateful client, thank you for your dedication to our mission, complete accessibility, willingness to do whatever it takes to drive our project to the finish line in an efficient and cost effective manner, sensitivity to the needs of the business clients and attention to the details. ”
– Associate General Counsel, International Mining Corporation (30,000+ employees)

Email Greg Buckles with questions, comments or to set up a short Good Karma call.

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