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Doing the eDiscovery C-Suite Shuffle

I gently declined to cover multiple recent c-suite appointments because I could not answer my “Why should you care?” query. When reviewed en masse, the executive shuffling points to some interesting eDiscovery market trends. Below are some 2024 executive appointments with some of their prior companies. This was an fast query (and  neither Copilot or Gemini were helpful), so it will be incomplete. My [...]

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Time to Truth

The ‘preserve broadly, collect narrowly’ eDiscovery approach has a hidden cost. It delays your ‘time to truth’ by a year in most cases. It robs counsel of key facts and evidence hidden in custodial in-place holds. M365, Google and other cloud repositories now have search and basic eDiscovery features to validate interviews. How many times have reviewers stumbled onto conflicting documents, reports or messages [...]

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Curation – the Human Meaning behind the AI Facts

How do you keep up with our rapidly evolving eDiscovery world? Are bloggers (content creators) valuable in our GenAI world? An article by Joan Westenberg titled Curation is the last best hope of intelligent discourse answered my existential angst with marvelous clarity. First the problem space: “The current state of AI technology lacks the nuanced understanding and ethical judgment necessary to ensure the accuracy [...]

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eDJ Brief: Casepoint FOIA and Legal Holds

Casepoint has rolled out FOIA and Legal Hold modules to solve government and corporate pain points. The key value I see is the deep integration of complex task management workflows with the underlying eDiscovery platform. I have seen many tracking systems for FOIA, DSAR and other external information requests. Few integrate both repositories (M365, Google, Box, etc.) and eDiscovery platforms. Similarly, most Legal [...]

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The Supreme Cost of Lingering Metadata

Supreme Court politics aside, the lingering metadata demonstrates the potential a risk and value of editorial metadata embedded within documents that have not been ‘scrubbed’ prior to production. Even when revision history has been disabled, legal hold or retention policies may create unlimited versions based on Auto-Save settings. Using Save A Copy may retained older version history.  Revision history in SharePoint defaults to 500 [...]

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