eDJ Geek Guide – SharePoint eDiscovery Architecture

Ever wonder how ESI is stored, organized and searched in SharePoint? The new SharePoint source page in my evergreen Geek Guides condenses and reframes Microsoft’s exhaustive administrator documentation for discovery practitioners. It introduces the default containers and content types that comprise SharePoint and Teams sites. It includes a table of searchable properties from Microsoft expanded with my notes and recommendations on leveraging them in your [...]

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Microsoft Roadmap: May 2024

209 in development – 41 Rolling out – 93 Launched This month's new/updated M365 Roadmap items include many tangential eDiscovery related roadmap items with Copilot content and automated Teams meeting notes/tasks creeping into most M365 experiences. The SharePoint archiving functionality could have major impact if Purview search/holds lag release (need to verify). Many enterprises migrated file shares to SharePoint with minimal clean up and [...]

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Microsoft Copilot+ Can Now Recall EVERYTHING Your Witness Did

I may have to drop my ‘Microsoft has no memory’ tagline. Below is from my latest Geek Guide page covering Microsoft 365 eDiscovery and compliance sources, applications, exceptions and coping strategies. May 20, 2024 Microsoft announced a new generation of AI enabled Copilot+ PC's that would run preloaded AI models locally and provide extended AI functionality at the endpoint. For eDiscovery and compliance professionals, the [...]

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Purview eDiscovery Integration Partners

Can your eDiscovery Platform integrate with the M365 Purview eDiscovery API? This Geek Guide page holds a quick list of products either listed on Microsoft’s formal partner index or has briefed me in the past about their M365 integration capabilities. The API capabilities have been rapidly expanding and most are still in beta stage of release. The general API functionality columns are based on [...]

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Leveraging the Purview eDiscovery API

What can your eDiscovery Platform do through the M365 Purview eDiscovery’s new API? My recent blog covering the potential API fees for exports highlighted the risk of the traditional ‘pump and dump’ custodial approach to M365 ESI. The eDiscovery API can do a lot more than just bulk exports managed by many integration partners. I have multiple global corporate clients managing their in-place M365 [...]

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Purview eDiscovery Export Checklist

Where did that collection come from? I had a long Teams session with an old friend wrestling with certifying collections made by corporate clients. He raised many legitimate concerns regarding Microsoft 365 search limitations and source complexities. The conversation inspired me to create a fast Purview eDiscovery collection checklist to covering the overall decisions, scope, criteria and process. While I prefer formal protocols and automated [...]

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Substrate – M365’s Hidden Compliance Service

Have you ever wondered how Microsoft conquered the challenges of federated enterprise search? They cheated. This post and many more are part of a new 'collaboration hub' that I am hosting on the eDiscovery Journal site to share quickly changing information and 'better practices' for enterprise eDiscovery (mostly M365 for now). While writing a "Purview eDiscovery for Dummy's" draft I realized that some of it [...]

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Understanding M365 eDiscovery API Export Fees

Surprise API bill, courtesy of Copilot eDiscovery platforms with Microsoft 365 collection integrations could create unexpected Microsoft fees for customers. While researching a new resource on the Microsoft eDiscovery API I stumbled over a $15/GB fee for exceeding your ‘seeded capacity’. Purview eDiscovery may meet the requirements of SMB companies with minimal litigation or regulatory profiles. Global corporations and highly regulated companies with [...]

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GC Report 2024 – Rapid Change Indeed

Part 4 of Ari Kaplan’s annual GC Report sponsored by Relativity and FTI Technology has good survey metrics and better quotes from 60 legal department leaders.  Download the free reports to read Ari’s excellent perspectives. I pulled a couple quotes to comment on below. Legal department transformation from incident response to proactive risk management. The approach shift from reactive to proactive was most clearly signaled [...]

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Microsoft Moved My Cheese

Microsoft announced that they have conquered unified cloud storage and migrated all of your M365 ESI to a secured, secret Syntex Alternative Reality Services platform that contains all of mankind’s ESI. This unified information pool has catalyzed the first General Artificial Intelligence code named AZURENET. Your M365 tithes will be increasing to match your income and your personal CoPilot will have your calendar completely booked [...]

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