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How Do Your Rates Measure Up?

I am encouraging peers to take Rob’s survey. We all need better data and insight. As someone who has written a lot of these kinds of annual surveys, I always struggle between wanting to keep the questions identical to show trends and wanting to adapt them to the current purchasing realities. In this case, there are several questions that are starting to age out [...]

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Unlimited Mailboxes = Email Hoarding?

The pace of corporate migrations to Microsoft 365 (the new name for Office 365) has accelerated over the last nine years (2011 launch). I have supported these migrations of most of my long term clients with policy reviews, preservation audits, workflow adaptions and more. Two to five years post-migration my health checks and annual discovery metrics reports tell a universal tale of bloated mailboxes. [...]

eDJBrief: Haystak – A Different Kind of Search Engine

Haystak is not an eDiscovery search engine. Not yet. Instead, it is a new take on enterprise search and tagging that could address key pain points experienced by remote employees juggling content across local, network and cloud repositories. Just last week my mentor Skip Walter expressed how frustrating it was to have to separately search for documents scattered across email accounts, SharePoint sites, Teams, [...]

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Search Retrieval Review Dependent on How Results Presented

While I like Mr. Arnold’s highlights and commentary, I also encourage readers to review the source article, Scanning and Selecting Enterprise Search Results: Not as Easy as it Looks. I can see some interesting parallels to how we test and tune preservation/collection scope criteria. These issues with presentation of search or cluster results came up in my recent briefing with the Agnes Intelligence team. [...]

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Rapid Changes to Microsoft AED2 UI

Even though Microsoft just released their new version of the Advanced eDiscovery (AED2) interface, they seem to be releasing UI changes in relatively short development cycles. That is good if you are waiting for the Graph API functions to integrate with AED2, but bad if you already updated your protocols and documentation. This update changes the workflow for adding a Custodian or Data Source [...]

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BIA’s Take on Exiting Employees

It seems that my separation of service concerns are shared by BIA and their customers. Nice piece by Barry, though his checklist is behind their EmailWall. As a reminder, I published a free checklist without demanding your email or registration. It had not occurred to me that HR might not ask about future plans in the exit interview, so a good point to confirm. [...]

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Nuix 9x IPO – Almost the A-10-X Goal

I vividly recall my first briefing with Nuix’s dynamic duo, Eddie and Morgan Sheehy. Of course, it happened at a LTNY (probably 2009, but they all blur together). That was shortly after we had converted the eDiscovery Journal from editorial press into the eDJ Group market analyst model. I was impressed with Eddie’s laser focus on breaking the $/GB consumption market and loved Morgan’s [...]

eDiscovery Journal – Six Month Thank You

Taking Stock I have published 34 blogs and 49 news commentaries since relaunching the eDiscovery Journal six months ago. That exceeds my weekly goals of 1+ blogs and 1-2+ commentaries. The weekly digest gets a 40% read rate with a constant trickle of new subscribers. I am happy with the volume of feedback, even if it is mostly on LinkedIn rather than direct comments [...]

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eDJBrief: Reveal

Reveal keeps making the eDiscovery news, so I did a briefing with Jay Leib and George Socha to get up to speed on their overall go to market strategy. Most eDiscovery providers fall into a couple well known buckets that force them to grow, evolve or fade away. Like most players, Reveal started as a service provider focused on hosting large litigation matters.(see Reveal [...]

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eDJBrief: Agnes Intelligence

When kCura acquired Content Analyst in 2016, I was concerned that left only two analytic engines with significant market share. I should have realized that others would see opportunity and rush to fill the void. Agnes Intelligence was founded in 2018 from John Snyder’s NY trial litigation firm. It is not surprising that the user interface and functionality focus on trial prep and triaging [...]

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