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Differentiating ESI vs. Knowledge

Most of my eDiscovery career has revolved around architecting systems and processes required to extract ESI relevant to high risk-value incidents. In my first forensic-discovery decade I mostly did the extraction, review and testing for prosecutors or counsel. Their job was to interpret my evidence to understand the incident and make judgments on that knowledge. Keeping Found Things Found by William Jones has me [...]

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Is Technostress Killing Your Productivity?

Stress is a fact of life in our adversarial legal system. Technostress is the ‘negative psychological link between people and the introduction of new technologies’. Now that many or most digital professionals semi-permanently work from home (WFH) the potential for the four technostress horsemen of the coronapocalypse are increasingly impacting our lives. Let’s meet the primary digital stressors in preliminary academic impact priority that [...]

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Zoom Boom: Great Name for the Explosion of Meeting ESI Content

Amongst the rest of Wendell’s 2022 eDiscovery trends is the Pandemic WFH driven explosion of online meeting content. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Zoom has grown from 10M to 300M daily users and Teams from 20M to 250M+ monthly users. My best recovering-analyst interpretation of this growth and Zoom’s recent slump is that Zoom’s usability gave them the edge in the B2C market [...]

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Veritas Compliance Winter Release Announcement Webinar

I hope that you join Dave Scott and myself for the Veritas Compliance Portfolio Winter Announcement webinar this Wednesday January 19th at 10am CST. Join us to hear about all the new capabilities of Veritas (formerly Symantec) Digital Compliance portfolio. Dave will cover all the new data sources and features from Enterprise Vault, eDiscovery Platform and more. I have been invited to discuss the [...]

Omicron Pushing Legalweek New York 2022 til March? CONFIRMED

Since publishing my annual pre-LTNY blog yesterday I have received multiple communications from vendor execs and at least one industry researcher whom I respect. The hot rumor is that Legalweek will be pushed til March to give the Omicron wave time to subside. This has not been confirmed by ALN, so wait for the official word before you change travel or calendars. Pushing such [...]

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Will Omicron Kill Legalweek New York 2022?

  The trickle of LTNY briefing cancellations and rescheduling requests started over the holidays. I expected some from the Delta wave, but I did not expect this Monday’s wave of ‘we regret to inform you that CompanyX will not be presenting at Legalweek due to safety concerns’. Many of us have been looking forward to Legalweek New York 2022 as our first large scale [...]

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