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Cloud Search Thru the API Keyhole

Stephen Arnold does a good job reality checking cloud system search and reviewing an interesting article on Google search. In the early days of eDiscovery, I learned the hard way that not all search engines or collection types returned accurate, complete results. eDiscovery marketing messaging has highlighted the gaps and limitations of native enterprise and archive search. Today I see those same eDiscovery platforms [...]

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eDJ Brief: FTI Technology and Jerry Bui

I enjoy meeting eDiscovery peers, especially those whose social media content bring me new perspectives and pro tips. Jerry Bui’s videos and articles attracted my attention and ILTA was a good excuse to catch up on FTI Technology. 7 degrees of eDiscovery It is always fun to share eDiscovery journeys and find common employers, friends and experiences. Jerry brings a fresh perspective to the [...]

Now and Then – Looking Back and Ahead

Richard Robinson bravely posted his 2010 vs. 2022 profile pics and I promised myself I would step up. I have been coasting on my 2008 headshot for WAYYY too long. I was dodging a request for a ‘hi-res’ headshot for my recent Veritas Live! Session with Irfan Shuttari. Richard’s post made me grab my camera and ask my fabulous partner Lauren to take some [...]

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eDJ Brief: eDiscovery Today

Doug Austin & eDiscovery Today Many years ago, Doug Austin and I worked several corporate and criminal defense matters together. I was happy to see Doug launch during all the Pandemic chaos. He dedicates the time and networks to publish daily eDiscovery news, bringing us all content that we do not have the time to run down. “When you set the expectation of [...]

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eDJ Brief: Redgrave Data

I met with Dave Lewis (Chief Scientific Officer) and Mark Noel (CIO) to explore Redgrave Data since its launch in January by five well known eDiscovery experts. Defining Redgrave Data Our industry is filled with technology and service companies spun off from successful law firms. Despite the name and law firm partnership, none of Redgrave Data’s founders came from Redgrave LLP to form the [...]

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