Do you use transcripts and AI generated summaries? Teams meeting transcripts have raised many eDiscovery, privacy and compliance questions since their introduction. Microsoft announced changes to transcript storage locations, default access permissions and more this month at Build 2024. I added my perspective notes to the Teams blast text below.

June 12, 2024

Collaborative notes for channel meetings

Work together with members of your channel to update channel meeting agendas, notes, and action items using collaborative notes. Collaborative notes stay in sync with To Do and Planner, making it easier than ever to stay on track. To learn more, see Use collaborative meeting notes in Teams.

eDJ: Collaborative notes for channel meetings are stored in the Teams Wiki data document library of the SharePoint team site. However, private meeting notes, loop components and live transcripts are stored in the OneDrive of the first attendee to make notes OR the meeting owner. All of this uncertainty complicates legal hold and collection scopes when meeting content is potentially relevant.

Recap for transcript-only meetings

Intelligent recap is now supported after transcribed meetings that weren’t recorded. If your meeting was only transcribed, you’ll have access to name mentions and AI-generated meeting notes and tasks. Intelligent recap features are available as part of the Copilot for M365 license. To learn more, see Meeting recap in Microsoft Teams.

eDJ: Having recently worked on a startup focused on AI meeting recaps, I strongly recommend training and workflow supporting rollouts that adds accuracy disclaimers, post meeting review approval and other elements to minimize the risk associated with AI hallucinations. I have seen Copilot notes in recent testing that reversed attorney statements…

Transcript storage improvements

All transcripts are now stored in OneDrive for Business. Anytime you open a transcript in Teams, you’ll see the OneDrive for Business transcript copy. Future meeting transcripts will no longer be saved in Exchange Online; all transcripts will be stored on OneDrive for Business. To learn more, see View live transcription in Microsoft Teams meetings.

eDJ: This is FABULOUS news. The previous hidden mailbox folder was inaccessible to everything but Purview. This opens the door to Power Automate flows, partner AI systems and more.

Streamlined transcript deletion

If you delete a transcript in the Teams app, both copies of the transcript (OneDrive for Business and Exchange Online) will be deleted. If you delete a transcript from Stream, only the copy in OneDrive for Business will be deleted. To learn more, see Edit or delete a meeting transcript in Microsoft Teams.

eDJ: This is a fun example of why you need to ‘trust but verify’ with every system. The prior announcement on transcript storage neglected to mention the copy stored in Streams. Yet another scope location to manage.

Changes to default transcript permissions

Now, transcript owners can download or delete a transcript file while participants can only view the transcript. Owners can also manage which participants can download, view, and edit the transcript. To learn more, see View live transcription in Microsoft Teams meetings.

eDJ: Opening access to transcripts may improve productivity while requiring policy, controls and workflow updates.

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