What can your eDiscovery Platform do through the M365 Purview eDiscovery’s new API? My recent blog covering the potential API fees for exports highlighted the risk of the traditional ‘pump and dump’ custodial approach to M365 ESI. The eDiscovery API can do a lot more than just bulk exports managed by many integration partners. I have multiple global corporate clients managing their in-place M365 legal holds from RelativityOne, Exterro and other platforms. Now they can initiate scoping searches, add results for advanced indexing, test search terms and more in Purview directly from their primary review platform. Check out the Geek Guide pages on the API functionality.

“eDiscovery professionals who need to access, process and export ESI from Microsoft 365 from their favorite eDiscovery platform should understand the capabilities and limitations of the Graph eDiscovery API used by authorized third-party applications to connect to Microsoft Purview eDiscovery (Premium). This API integration or custom internal PowerShell driven applications can perform tasks such as creating cases, custodians, holds, searches, and exports. This allows customers to leverage Microsoft Purview’s functionality via your preferred eDiscovery software and workflows. The chart below presents the core eDiscovery API functions. The eDiscovery API is currently in beta and is evolving rapidly. Please comment (registered users) or use the feedback form with changes, real world experience or other information that can be added to this topic.”

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