Level Legal was an interesting briefing first time briefing. On first impression, they appear to be a regional boutique managed review firm based in the eastern Texas ‘rocket docket’ district.  Their website focuses on relationship quality and ‘Delivering Delight in eDiscovery’. What a contrast to Logikcull’s ‘eDiscovery Sucks’ campaign.

Daniel Bonner, Director of Client Services, doubled down that Level Legal’s customer-centric approach has driven their growth organically over the last 14 years. “From Day 1, we have been about delivering delight for our customers,” Bonner said. “As strange as that may sound in our industry, it resonates with those who expect more of themselves and those who work for them. Privately owned and independent from our founding, we are able to pivot quickly and provide solutions tailored to our customers’ desired outcomes. Legacy pricing models and transactional service leave customers underwhelmed. We work hard to offer customers a one-size-fits-one solution that recognizes the impact providers have on their ability to win the day for their customers.”

Their global clients such as Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher and American Airlines seem to be their best advertising and growth channel. While technology agnostic ‘bespoke’ legal services firms can create long term customer relationships, they do not scale easily and lack the M&A ‘exit strategy’ that most eDiscovery players seem to be chasing.

Level Legal’s key messages:

  • The Power of Adding Human Touch in the Legal Industry
  • Beyond Profits: Prioritizing Culture and Values
  • How eDiscovery is Helping Customers Have Successful Outcomes

Given the crop of new ‘we work with any platform’ managed services booths I saw on my exhibit hall pass, Level Legal seems to have been ahead of the service industry’s pivot away from $/GB commodity sales. I wish them luck and will continue to monitor this trend and it’s rising stars.

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