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The Relativity executive team (joined by CEO Phil Saunders and CAO/CLO Adam Weiss) shared their broader vision for the Relativity platform. That vision stays focused on organizing data, extracting the truth, and making it actionable.

Adam Weiss

Adam Weiss, “As a lawyer, I feel especially fortunate to be part of a cutting-edge legal technology used by almost every major law firm in America and many more around the world. As we enter a world of advanced AI, it’s an exciting time to be at Relativity.”

That ‘stay the course’ message from the e-discovery market leader should reassure customers and channel flooded with GPT automation products promising to make everyone replaceable. The new RelativityOne subscription model supports a broader set of corporate usage cases and stakeholders by eliminating seat licenses and legal hold costs. I am already helping corporate clients migrate to the new model to empower security, HR, and other stakeholders with Relativity’s analytics such as sentiment and social networking.

Relativity will continue to expand upstream content connectors such as M365 and iManage to reach data in place. This measured approach extends the reach of the Relativity Review Center without fragmenting the solution. Instead, Phil and Adam talked about the consolidation of recent acquisitions and modules into the core platform to apply their technology and workflows across the broader customer base.

Relativity leveraged Silver Lake’s 2021 investment for an array of acquisitions including Text IQ, VerQu, and Heretik. They also added a new product, Relativity Patents, outside of the litigation review space. Rapid expansion creates potential risk of infrastructure and support fragmentation. Relativity’s deep investment in the Legalweek CLE, outreach, and other events really contrasted with Reveal, DISCO, and Exterro’s immature marketing spend without contributing real substance to the community.  The exec team had clear, thoughtful responses to my usual unfiltered questions. I came away with the impression that Relativity is in good hands. We will be following up with some deep dives in the next few weeks.

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