Redgrave Data has continued their explosive growth since I met with the team last October. They just lured Jeremy Pickens back to eDiscovery and are actively recruiting talent amidst eDiscovery market layoffs. CEO Mollie Nichols and CTO Mark Noel helped me understand how Redgrave Data’s unique blend of expertise and custom development is driving their growth.

Redgrave Data was kick started by a massive case that had outgrown the first provider volume and reviewer (700+) capacity with a very tight deadline. The detailed case study highlights the challenges and innovative solutions that resulted in a roughly 99.5% reduction in the collection volume to final review by 1,000+ reviewer across multiple different review and analytic platforms. The collected-to-reviewed proportion is a key benchmark that I use to measure client eDiscovery maturity. Manually generated search terms usually run 30-50%. Clustering and topic analysis can drop that to 15-30% when driven by an expert but require heavy sampling the excluded set. I have seen iterative TAR/CAL reduce the review set to 5-10% with a lot of hidden gotchas. All of these approaches yield 1-3% production set. That makes Redgrave Data’s results pretty extraordinary.

The AmLaw firms on initial smokejumper matter wanted to replicate that success for other clients beyond that initial big tech matter. Mark Noel says, “Those results built trust with corporate clients and all their firms.

With two of eDiscovery’s premier data scientists (Dave Lewis and Jeremy Pickens) and decades of litigation experience I expect Redgrave Data will continue to grow. As they create custom tech solutions the brand will be pulled between expertise and technology, which is not a bad place to be. So far they seem to have stayed relatively clear of actual eDiscovery services such as large-scale hosting, managed review, etc. That would make them competitive to the service providers that they are now directing, advising and supporting.

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