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Ignore the Deflation, Keep Yours Eyes on How eDiscovery is Bought

I agree with Rob’s assessment that the pandemic and the US response have dramatically impacted the overall market spend/size in 2020. Heck, I just used my first ever extended work stoppage to relaunch the eDiscovery Journal. Client projects and new engagements are just now picking back up for me and many peers. I wanted to highlight what Rob has done since 2012 with his [...]

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Can the Bigger Four Reconcile Audit and Services?

The acquisition announcement and effective doubling of Deloitte’s UK legal services group came as a bit of a surprise after the UK’s Financial Reporting Council forced the Big Four to separate their audit and service groups by 2024. This combined with Arizona’s August shift to allow nonlawyer ownership in law firms makes me wonder where the practice of law is headed in the long [...]

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eDJBrief: ActiveNav – Data Mapping As A Service

ActiveNav (formerly Active Navigation founded 2008) is a cloud-based solution that inventories your on-prem/cloud data stores to an actionable dashboard and automated workflows. It is being offered at  relatively low subscription rates directly from ActiveNav or bundled into a managed service package with one of their partners. Branded as Data Mapping as a Service (DMaaS), ActiveNav’s primary differentiator from offerings like Exterro’s Data Source [...]

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The Civil Discovery Impact of 50,000+ Smart Phone Extractions

Good find by Doug (who credits his wife) on’s new report on the widespread use of Mobile Device Forensic Toolkits like Cellebrite or Access Data by law enforcement. Aside from the civil liberties issues, I want to draw corporate litsupport/compliance/security attention to the logical progression that looms. The latest Gallup poll shows that 58% of employees work remote sometimes or always. I can [...]

eDJBrief: Relativity & Microsoft 365

With Microsoft retiring their Advanced eDiscovery v.1, some related PowerShell cmdlets and soon the Core eDiscovery interface, I asked the Relativity team for a briefing on how these changes might affect my clients using RelativityOne for in-place holds and collections. Overall I am happy to understand that the Microsoft-Relativity relationship is active and strong. The Relativity Legal Holds team has been aware of Microsoft’s [...]

eDiscovery Sanctions Go All the Way to the Top

As a 30(b)(6) witness for some of my clients, I follow eDiscovery spoliation cases closely. Most of them have little or no ‘teeth’ when a party has even attempted to meet their obligations. It is nice to see a magistrate drop the hammer on a party who appears to have consistently and deliberately tried to hide relevant ESI. The cited order is worth a [...]

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How to Read a Rebranding

Normally I do not cover the cascade of rebrandings that force me to research RFP responses and briefing requests. However, I recently called a peer’s prospective new brand an ‘ugly baby’ because customers would not be able to understand their core product/service from their name. While I feel a bit guilty about raining on his clever verbal parade, it made me think hard about [...]

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New Partnership – Kind of Like the Old Partnership

Expanded access to analytics sounds like a positive. My question is how that stacks up in functionality and pricing to RelativityOne? I have received complaints from clients and peers that Epiq’s massive Relativity infrastructure lags the RelativityOne release cycle. Epiq customers are still being billed for analytics that are free for RelOne customers. The wording on this announcement makes me assume that customers will [...]

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eDiscovery Webinar Overload?

You would think that someone who used to generate substantial revenue organizing and hosting webinars would embrace the flood of new webinars and virtual conferences that this pandemic has unleashed on our Inboxes. Not so much in my case. We are all trying to cope with the rapid ups and downs of the Rona-coaster we are on. It makes sense to allocate some of [...]

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