M365 Copilot Only Available for Large Enterprises

Corporate ESI lives (and grows) in M365. I spend a lot of time researching and testing new M365 functionality to advise clients on how to meet eDiscovery, compliance and retention requirements. When my friend Jason Velasco posted his “Implement Microsoft 365 Copilot” badge, I knew that I had to pause my Purview testing to dive into Copilot. Only to determine that Copilot license currently has [...]

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M365 Roadmap – October 2023

October Microsoft 365 Roadmap modified items with potential eDiscovery impact rated and commented. 404 updates this month with 131 launched. Copilot is the big news. It costs $30/month, but offers a lot for potential productivity improvements. It also poses a lot of potential challenges for compliance and eDiscovery. Feature Impact eDJ comment Description Details Tags - Product Tags - Release phase Release Last Modified 93270 [...]

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eDJ Brief: eDiscovery Assistant – AI Generated Summaries

CEO Kelly Twigger stole time from her busy Relativity Fest schedule to walk me through the new GPT powered features on the eDiscovery Assistant platform. The eDiscovery Assistant team curate the flood of daily court orders published to identify and categorize those relevant to litigators and eDiscovery practitioners. The service is the exclusive eDiscovery caselaw database and resource center designed to save practitioners time and [...]

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M365 Roadmap & Purview at Relativity Fest 2023

The Microsoft 365 Purview product team was well represented at Relativity Fest with Nick Robinson, Caitlin Fitzgerald and Erica Toelle. Our briefing focused on recent Purview feature releases and how M365 customers are leveraging Purview eDiscovery despite many common market misconceptions. M365 and the Purview eDiscovery (Premium) features cover the majority of the ‘upstream’ EDRM model phases for many discovery usage cases. The actual implementation [...]

Relativity Fest 2023 eDJ Wrap Up

Over the last fourteen years, Relativity Fest has become one of, if not the, eDiscovery customer event conferences. Attendance hit roughly 1,800 (37% partners). This may be smaller than the peak 10k+ LegalWeek New York years, but I believe that Relativity’s community dominates the large, complex discovery review market space despite recent competitor acquisitions. That draws global corporations, firms and providers on the cutting edge [...]

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Custodianship in a Collaborative Age

Preparing for David Horrigan's 'The e-Discovery State of the Union' at Relativity Fest 2023 nudged me to write an article that asks: "Has collaborative ESI broken the traditional concept of custodianship? Putting aside collaborative messaging ESI, collaborative ‘documents’ or workflows may challenge the traditional possession, custody or control tests for admission of evidence in legal proceedings. Beyond authentication, practitioners should assess and adapt their eDiscovery [...]

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Relativity Fest 2023

Join me in Chicago for David Horrigan’s annual “The e-Discovery State of the Union” session! It is a fast paced exploration of hot topics, usually in a game show format. I am looking forward to meeting peers, briefing with Relativity partners and generally getting the market pulse. Provider and peers wanting to brief me on their latest release or get my insight on their eDiscovery [...]

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Tracking the Impact of the Microsoft Roadmap

eDJ has launched a curated guide to the Microsoft Roadmap for eDiscovery peers. Microsoft’s live development Roadmap had 405 feature updates in August. I have the RSS feed directly connected to a Teams channel via a Power Automate flow to alert me on every change. That is a lot of new input to process every day via RSS or even using the Roadmaps excellent [...]

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Reveal: Super Platform or Billion Dollar Franken-ware?

K1 Investment Management has funded Reveal’s latest acquisitions of Logikcull and IPRO in what seems like a direct challenge to Relativity’s long term dominance of the eDiscovery tech market. This makes 7 acquisitions since 2019 if you count the original Reveal-NexLP deal. The release says that Logikcull and IPRO products will keep their names, which rarely works for long. While I can see enormous [...]

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Quote Context and Tone Matter – RANT WARNING

X1 recently cherry picked a quote of mine in their blog, “Special Master Determines Microsoft Purview Does Not Comply With Frcp 26(G) Due To Unreliable And Incomplete Search Results” that is taken out of context and is misused to support an assertion that I do not agree with. Being quoted after an analyst briefing is generally a compliment and appreciated, but not when it is [...]

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