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What If My Hosted Case Is Held For Ransom?
Greg Buckles
While conducting interviews for my upcoming ILTA webinar on coping with eDiscovery provider acquisitions, a sharp litigation support manager posed a hypothetical scenario based on the ransom hack of Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center. We were discussing… [more]
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How do you buy your eDiscovery? How do you want to buy your eDiscovery services or technology? See how your eDJ peers are exploring AFE, managed services and other offerings. n=42 [more]
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ILTA Webinar - Managing Providers in a Shrinking Ediscovery Market
04 - 12 - 2017
The pace of merger and acquisition in the ediscovery field has accelerated dramatically over the last five years. With ediscovery matters lasting two to five years or more, provider stability in this consolidating market raises concerns for corporate… [more]
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