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eDJ Blog
A Look at Yammer Collection
Greg Buckles
It is the middle of discovery interviews and you are going though your interview form checking off data sources with a key witness. You get to the final question, “Are there any other data sources, communication or collaboration systems that might… [more]
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eDJ Research Reports
2014 Mobile Discovery Survey Results
Small survey updating the larger 2013 Mobile Discovery survey. Eliminated one question and added a question about how respondents are enforcing policy. [more]
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eDJ Solution Perspective - Acaveo Smart Information Server
LTNY 2014 Consumer Survey
eDJ Surveys
2014 Collaboration Source eDiscovery Survey
This survey seeks to understand whether your company, agency or the majority of your clients either have already implemented… [more]
Legal Hold Notification 2014 - Law Firm
eDJ Group seeks to understand law firm attitudes towards and activities as they relate to managing the Legal Hold Notification… [more]
Legal Hold Notification 2014-Corporate and Government Entities
eDJ Group seeks to understand corporate attitudes towards and plans for Legal Hold Notification as part of eDiscovery… [more]
eDJ Events Calendar
2014 eDJ Events - Time Out
12 - 31 - 2014
As 2014 has been a year of transformation, Mikki and Greg are focusing on their active engagements and only attending events as paid speakers or to support active client RFP initiatives. We will resume the event circus next year! [more]
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02 - 03 - 2015 - Legal Tech New York
eDJ Matrix Updates
eDJ Notes