Teams Premium ($120/year) adds A.I. notes, suggested tasks and personalized highlights powered by GPT-3.5 to address meeting fatigue. The Pandemic drove a 252% increase in weekly meeting time along with WFH professionals. All these new meetings contributed to the 77% of full-time workers who reported experiencing burnout in a Deloitte survey. Yet meetings are where decisions and consensus happen, the heart of corporate strategy success and failure.  So how should businesses balance meeting value against their potential negative impact?

Many companies struggled to update their meeting recording/transcript policies in the 2020 Teams/Zoom explosion. I advised most of my clients to block recordings and transcripts because they had no effective policies, process, and technology in place to manage the resulting digital landslide. Recently I am seeing business users push back for access to the transcripts.  There has to be a better way to make meetings meaningful, productive, and less burdensome. The A.I. driven note taking and task recommendations will hopefully be a good start. They will also leave compliance, records and legal teams struggling with how to preserve, collect and interpret the imperfect A.I. output.

Where allowed, I have been using custom tools for live meeting notes, highlight excerpts and GPT-3 driven summaries for the last two years. Even the best transcripts contain significant errors. They do not capture tone, sarcasm and all too frequently misinterpret single words without a supporting sentence for context based on our team experience with Teams, Zoom and Having the sync’d video is highly valuable while generating the meeting summary, not so much afterward. Even with the errors, I now push hard to record/transcribe every meeting, interview or important call possible. The ability to generate fast, accurate meeting summaries and tasks have dramatically improved client transparency and accelerated projects.

The good news is that you have a couple months before the intelligent recap features are released. Most corporations will wait to see how the Teams Premium features play out before committing to an additional $10/month. I will be digging into them as soon as available and publishing critical information such as where the new A.I. generated content will be stored, whether it can be held/collected and my take on how well MSFT tuned the GPT-3.5 models.


Sidenote: My thanks to the 20+ respondents and referrals who are reviewing my research paper on M365 Purview Records Management for large enterprises. I hope to do revisions soon and submit to MSFT for a final proof asap. If you missed my request for peer review and have recent real-world experience implementing any or all of the Purview Records Management functionality I would love to hear from you.

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