The tight time limits of FOIA(20 days) and Subject Access Requests(31 days) are forcing government agencies and global corporations to adopt cutting edge eDiscovery technologies and AI driven workflows. The EPA expanded RelativityOne Government usage to include FOIA requests, and—although this expanded RelativityOne use is by EPA’s eDiscovery Division and not EPA’s National FOIA Office. Deloitte seems to have played a role in the migration and deployment, which makes me wonder whether we will see Relativity expand the use of RelativityOne Government for FOIA-SAR.

This announcement follows Everlaw’s $10.6M 5-year deal with the U.S. Department of the Interior to handle their FOIA and eDiscovery requirements. Another FedRAMP-StateRAMP player Casepoint just opened a dedicated Canadian data center to meet Canadian customers and government data privacy requirements.

Data request management, scoping and productions can be tricky for behemoth Federal agencies and global corporations with mature legal-compliance teams. Imagine the challenge faced by smaller SLED entities and international corporations with limited resources. My old eDJ partner Jason Velasco recently demo’d Kindato’s M365 based RecQuest workflow that is in SLED customer trials now. eDiscovery technology and techniques support a wide array of information governance usage cases. I expect to see Relativity and others continuing to expand into adjacent markets with more flexible enterprise license plans.

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