Everlaw seems to be an exception to the SEC’s “AI Washing” warning about the current tech hype cycle. Everlaw was called out by several Legal Week peers as one of the few to leverage AI in a practical, safe workflow. My early morning briefing with founder AJ Shankar turned into a much more philosophical technical deep dive than I expected after my first coffee. AJ was not content to just show me the AI driven coding recommendations and summaries linked to the triggering document content.  He wanted me to understand their AI utilization approach focusing on supporting decisions with transparent citations and usage guardrails.  A refreshing change from the ‘my magic AI easy button solves your eDiscovery’ pitch I encountered at too many exhibit booths. You can get that straight from AJ’s keynote summary here.

Legal Week announcements:

  • Everlaw Unveils New AI Features in its EverlawAI Portfolio, Driving Better Legal Outcomes
    • Everlaw has >40 customers in the EverlawAI Assistant beta. The key value I saw was the integration of the suggestions, summaries and contextual relationships into the UI workflow. Too many providers have rushed to bolt on an a LLM summarization widget without thinking through how it will be incorporated into the matter narrative.
  • Everlaw Launches Multi-Matter Models
    • Multi-matter functionality has long offered potential efficiencies and savings to end customers with rinse-repeat dockets. Everlaw has always had single instance storage and the ability to move content between matters without the familiar export-import hassle. Now customers and providers can leverage existing Predictive Coding models on new cases.
  • Am Law 200 Law Firm Helps Security Startup Withstand Tech Giant
    • A case study of EverlawAI Assistant usage by Cole, Scott & Kissane in a complex IP matter involving a relatively small security startup against Apple. Everlaw called this out as ‘real world results’.

As one of the first cloud native eDiscovery platforms, Everlaw is a bit of a market anomaly. They have grown with VC funding rather than take private equity round with expectations of fast profit and exit. AJ said that allows them to make long term development bets with 100% owned code focused on UI engagement, i.e. making customers happy. They have done the hard security work for FedRAMP certification and upstream M365 integrations. Briefings with AJ and other innovators always remind me that the eDiscovery market is diverse and healthy. So cast a wide net on your next RFP and demo every qualifying prospect before picking your platform.

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