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ModeOne provides one of the few, possibly the only, technology for practical, selective preservation and collection of mobile content from busy corporate employees. For over a decade I have been proclaiming the need for eDiscovery workflows to address mobile device content. Beyond the technical challenges and extended time required to take full forensic images of custodial phones, the comingling of personal and business communications/content seem to fuel the ‘BYOD ostrich syndrome’ encountered by eDiscovery professionals every day. eDiscovery Assistant’s Kelly Twigger has a great writeup of a recent mobile device decision in Wegman v. U.S. Specialty Sports Ass’n, Inc., 2023 WL 8599972 (M.D. Fla. 2023).

ModeOne CEO Matt Rasmussen gave me an update on the latest features and integration partnerships.

  • Participant Filtering feature, which provides the ability to selectively target and extract specific text message conversations from Apple and Android mobile devices for litigation compliance and investigation purposes.
    • Custodian’s and counsel understandably fear exposure of PII, personal photos, intimate conversations, banking credentials and more to opposing counsel, hackers or other parties. It should be much easier to gain custodial cooperation when you can explain the limited scope of collections. Retrieving all the texts and chats between a known players over a date range also dramatically reduces collection time, extraction and hosting costs. This feature is a win-win for litigants and custodians.
  • ModeOne Announces Educational Partnership with eDiscovery Today
    • ModeOne was launched in 2018. Academic and marketing sponsorships for a relatively young company are a sign of healthy growth and revenue. Working with my friend Doug Austin is a sign of good taste.
  • Reveal Announces Partnership with ModeOne to Integrate & Innovate Mobile Data Collection in eDiscovery
    • Integrations with multiple competitors tells customers that ModeOne will be platform agnostic.
  • Exterro and ModeOne Announce Global Strategic Partnership
    • Matt explained that ModeOne is committed to supporting customers’ ability to collect mobile content to their eDiscovery platforms. Exterro extends that coverage.
  • ModeOne Announces Relativity Integration Application to Streamline Mobile Device Collections
    • The requirement to stage full forensic images images and extract potential evidence with forensic tools has driven up the cost of mobile phone eDiscovery. I have done assessments that found clients paying $1,000-3,000 per device in hidden ‘tech time’, processing, shipping, media, travel time and more. Now corporate legal can send selective content directly to their RelativityOne instance or their Relativity server.

I look forward to ModeOne’s next release. They are being very careful with privacy and requiring end user approval for remote collections. Admirable even if I believe that global customers will demand support for stealth investigations and compliance monitoring for local device content sooner than later.

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