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Veritas Acquires Globanet, Extending Its Leading Digital Compliance Portfolio

Author: Business Wire

…Give customers visibility and enable them to act on over 80 new content sources, including Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom, Symphony, Bloomberg and more…
…Offer complete capture of Microsoft Office 365 content sources along with all other communication and file sources used by Veritas customers…

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Editor Comment:

Many years ago as a product manager at Symantec (now Veritas again), I advocated for the acquisition of Globanet because they were a key partner in so many of our compliance-eDiscovery deals. The Veritas Compliance Portfolio covers the core enterprise unstructured data sources (file shares, Office365, Box, Exchange, SharePoint and many more) with a variety of solutions. Their eDiscovery Platform even does remote laptop and cloud collections. However, they always relied on Globanet to build connectors to the ever growing list of new generation communication and collaboration streams. This brings a unified connection capability in-house so that they can standardize the transport format for categorization, archiving, analysis, collection and migrations.

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