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A Nice Tip from the LitSupport Trenches

This kind of clear, simple Excel solution to a common LitSupport pain point is exactly what made the old LitSupport Yahoo Group special. No sales pitches. No motivation other than sharing knowledge. I encourage everyone to find ways to share your own hard earned knowledge. It is already on most of your LinkedIn feeds, so will not be sharing it off the site.

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Trust But Verify Includes Your Executives

Sanctions and adverse inference rulings are far too rare in my opinion. That is because far too often opposing productions are not scrutinized and compared against your own collections. Too few counsel run the metrics of key witnesses and wonder why their email counts suddenly dropped or vanished during the critical time frame. Lawyers should practice law and stay focused on evidence and merits [...]

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eDJ COVID-19 Guideline Challenge: Preserving Ephemeral CDC Guidance

The Wayback machine has taken 2,073 snapshots of the CDC’s COVID-19 Business Guidance webpage since it was launched March 6, 2020. Why would it make >11 snapshots per day (74 on August 17th)? This CDC page is the primary national level guidance for businesses that want to reopen safely. The nifty Changes tool (beta screenshot below) shows that page could have changed 2-3 times [...]

It’s Always the Cover-up, Never the Crime Again

Whether Sullivan or the legal department made the decision to conceal the hacker payoff is pretty much irrelevant to me. A felony crime was committed against Uber, it’s employees, it’s customers and shareholders. Your incident response workflow should include an assessment of reporting obligations. Even the most sensitive investigations need a formal workflow that documents the response decision process. Knowing that your actions and [...]

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Other Shoe Drops on COVID-19 Employer Lawsuits

Despite early articles proclaiming a dearth of COVID-19 related lawsuits, the first waves have hit the courts. I was disappointed that a law firm article focused on recommendations that were outdated before it hit the digital presses instead of clear litigation preparedness guidelines. Back in July I outlined some better practices for corporate litigation defense preparations as businesses reopened. My point here is that [...]

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Who is your Rule 30(b)(6) eDiscovery Deponent?

This ABA article lays out the rule, boundaries and considerations for avoiding issues when your eDiscovery process is challenged. I sit in that hot seat for some of my long term retainer clients who have invested in mature eDiscovery infrastructure. I recommend that corporations and firms identify their designated deponent(s), the scope of their coverage and the resources needed to support their testimony.  The [...]

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A.I. Liability: Tools No Better Than Trainers

I do a lot of acceptance and QC testing for clients as their designated 30(b)(6) witness of their discovery systems. In fact, I like to find hidden gotchas and exceptions that I can take back to providers to fix. In over 30 years I have never found a ‘bad’ analytic system. Instead I frequently encounter users who do not ‘trust but verify’ before they [...]

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