The Wayback machine has taken 2,073 snapshots of the CDC’s COVID-19 Business Guidance webpage since it was launched March 6, 2020. Why would it make >11 snapshots per day (74 on August 17th)? This CDC page is the primary national level guidance for businesses that want to reopen safely. The nifty Changes tool (beta screenshot below) shows that page could have changed 2-3 times in a day. Were those substantial changes? Can you produce the EXACT guidance that you relied on to formulate your pandemic response policies, protocols and employee guidelines for the rising tide of employee death/disability litigation? I am challenging web preservation providers to solve this problem for you.

CDC Business Guidance - WayBack Machine Changes View

CDC Business Guidance – WayBack Machine Changes View

Legal teams will need more than a simple collection of raw archives or snapshot .mhtml files. They want to see how you processed, parsed, deduplicated and displayed the timeline of changes so that they can match up the evolving guidance to defend their best knowledge when creating their response strategy. Please do not put the results behind a contact/pay wall. Demonstrate why your solution is better than your competitors and will save customers time/effort when dealing with web collections.

A quick list of providers that I know do(did) web collections:


X1 Rapid Discovery

Exterro Fusion E-Discovery

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform

AD eDiscovery


Lit I View

EnCase eDiscovery

Forensics Acquisition of Websites (FAW)

MAGNET Web Page Saver

There are a lot more and I hope that peers will call them out in comments. Below is my simple list of primary national/international COVID-19 business guidance web pages. Almost every state has online guidance to interpret local laws/regulations. Please put those in another repository if you decide to go the extra mile in your collections.


I am interested in seeing who takes up this challenge and how their solutions tackle identifying the changes over time.

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