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Dean Brown – CEO; Beckie Schuerenberg – Content Marketing Manager

Dean Brown and ParkerGale Capital have transformed IPRO’s collection of overlapping #eDiscovery point products into a broader #InfoGov solution stack on a unified cloud architecture. IPRO seems to have integrated the NetGovern and ZyLab to broaden the platform to straddle the #EDRM and upstream InfoGov with in-place EDA to enable corporate legal/compliance to investigate, scope and collect rich data sets. NetGovern provides the enterprise indexing, collection and search in place. Zylab adds legal hold and redesign of review UI for usability.

Dean conservatively estimates that customers can leave the 70-80% non-relevant data in place. The platform provides retained counsel direct access to the data in place. They can preserve frequent flyers with dynamic holds and realize work product value from the analysis and review to enhance privacy, retention and compliance across the enterprise.

IPRO and also released a new book by Nick Inglis, Advancing from eDiscovery to Predisocovery.

IPRO EDA Platform

Relativity Patents

Drew Deitch – Commercial Lead, Relativity Patents; David Horrigan – Discovery Counsel and Legal Education Directory

Relativity Patent Search

New Relativity application focused on bringing eDiscovery analytics, search and drafting workflow to the IP counsel market. Customers can store their IP content in RelativityOne where prebuilt analytical models reference them to the global/USPTO patent databases for search and comparison. The interesting part of the workflow is merging search and claim chart development into the same process to reduce dependence on outsourced prior art search services. I can see how this particular application would make an easy inside sales opportunity for firms already on RelativityOne for their litigation/discovery practice. Purpose driven templates and workflow with high usability will be the key to new counsel conversion, especially those who are unfamiliar with eDiscovery platforms.

Merlin Integrated Search

John Tredennick – CEO

It seems that after selling Catalyst to OpenText, John Tredennick is not ready to retire just yet. His Merlin Integrated Search is a cloud based search analytics and review platform that supports dynamic modeling on the fly from a phrase, doc or collection. Merlin claims 10M+ documents modeled in less than a second from the pre-processed data. Merlin customers are provisioned from solo AmazonS3 virtual instances that can be spun up and parked on demand and automatically based on usage. It can be purchased via flexible volume or usage-based models.

The Merlin ‘Search 2.0’ pitch is a bit harder to understand, but it seems to revolve around Merlin’s ability to apply the AI models across very large indexed data sets in seconds vs. days. Many traditional systems assume a relatively fixed data corpus and static models for relevance, classification, privacy, etc. These traditional ML systems remind me of the old record classification taxonomies that failed because they were outdated before we even finished building them. Speed may make Merlin nimble enough to model on the fly. Now to see if the market is mature enough to recognize this opportunity and adopt it. I will happily take John up on his offer to demo Merlin IS and share my impressions soon.


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