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Author: Zapproved

…The EDRM shaped the process of ediscovery, organizing it into a logical — if inaccurately linear — data management flow…

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Editor Comment:

For the past 15 years I have seen providers modifying, revising and ‘updating’ the EDRM model to better suit their products or services. A fast image search for ‘New EDRM’ brings up some lovely examples. I view Zapproved model as being more aspirational than practical based on what I see in most corporations. Zapproved’s EDMM imagines that discovery takes place inside corporate info governance lifecycle in iterative feedback loops. I still see most corporate clients throwing custodial raw collections over the firewall in a linear ‘fire and forget about it’ model. I am more interested in seeing the consensus output of  the new EDRM projects now that the organization is under new guidance. At least Zapproved EDMM paper is not hidden behind a contact info form and gives a nod to the role the EDRM has played in our eDiscovery market. What do you think about their EDMM?

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