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New Product Features & Enhancements – Q2 2020

Author: Globanet.com

…RSMF output format for Relativity Customers…
…With Merge1, companies can archive all communications taking place on Workplace in order to avoid fines, penalties and other enforcement actions by regulatory bodies such as the SEC, FINRA, FDA, GDPR, CCPA and more…

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Editor Comment:

Globanet has been expanding their connectors and their repository integrations like Relativity and Veritas eDP (Clearwell) with every new release. I have not yet run into Facebook’s Workplace ($0-$8/month) in the field, but the pressure of adapting to remote working is bound to get some departments playing with it. As with Yammer, Jabber, Slack and others social collaboration platforms, Workplace does not appear to have enterprise level preservation or collection features other than user driven downloads. That means regulated verticals like brokerage firms will lead the way with third party compliance tools like Merge1. Feels like playing collection whack-a-mole to me.

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