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IPRO Acquires Amsterdam-based ZyLAB, Industry’s Most Advanced Legal Hold SaaS Provider

Author: Ipro Tech/ZyLAB

… ZyLAB’s fully automated notifications and custodian acknowledgements mitigate against accidental data loss and evidence spoliation. With this acquisition, IPRO now delivers early data assessment (EDA) with real-time, hold-in-place data preservation….
… This is IPRO’s third major investment in recent years. Its earlier acquisitions include NetGovern, an Information Governance solution, and inData, a trial and deposition management solution…
… According to the 2021 Market Guide for E-Discovery Solutions, Gartner found that “Organizations are using e-discovery software vendor and service provider offerings that “extend left” in the Electronic Discovery Reference Model to establish proactive information governance.” Integrating ZyLAB’s best-of-breed Legal Hold and analytics solutions directly within the IPRO governance and eDiscovery platform will provide clients with the most flexible, scalable, and powerful Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) workflow in the legal industry…

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Editor Comment:

Yet another acquisition in the accelerating consolidation of the eDiscovery market space. In this case there is some functional overlap offset by clear differentiation in solution strengths. In my opinion, both players peaked early in the eDiscovery market and were being left behind until recently. Maybe the ParkerGale Capital money and guidance will forge a real competitor to the evolving Relativity-Reveal-Exterro battle royal.  For more details, check out Doug Austin’s interview with Dean Brown.

I wanted to call out a particularly clever piece of marketing writing in the last snippet. The writer uses the Gartner market guide quote followed by an effusive statement asserting “the most flexible, scalable, and powerful Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) workflow in the legal industry”. I read the market guide and could not find any qualitative winner/loser diagrams or other findings related to that last assertion about the IPRO/ZyLAB integrated platform. A casual reader could easily assume that the second sentence was somehow a Gartner endorsement. I always enjoy spotting these kinds of marketing tricks.

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