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Microsoft Is Adding Transcription to Word, and It's a Killer Productivity Feature

Author: Jason Aten – Inc.com

…Today, Microsoft is announcing that transcription services will be available to all of its Microsoft365 customers using the browser-based version of Word. In addition, Microsoft says that it is working to bring the feature to the iOS and Android versions soon…
…Uploaded transcription is limited to five hours a month, and file sizes are limited to 200MB…
…The time limit doesn't apply to transcriptions you record directly in Word…

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Editor Comment:

With a majority of our key employees working remotely via Zoom meetings, conference calls and various chat platforms Microsoft has just added automatic transcription functionality to user’s online Word application. This functionality enables users to convert previously recorded or live audio into a pretty good transcript that differentiates between speakers and has an associated xml file with the segment times. Tech savvy users have always been able to record audio or video from Zoom or other online meeting apps. Raw audio/video is not searchable or easily used in most work scenarios. Exempting BoD or PR meetings, many corporations consider these non-text file types as non-records or ‘working files’. Now that users can easily convert them to a searchable format, they are much more likely to impact discovery efforts. I will have a blog doing a deep dive into potential issues processing and working with this new data variety.

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