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Veritone aiWARE Powers George Jon’s eDiscovery Platform Accelerating Evidence Discovery and Analysis

Author: George Jon PR

… Powered by Veritone aiWARE, GJ Kits deliver advanced transcription, translation, and object identification capabilities for video, audio, and document-based evidence (ESI), expediting the eDiscovery process and meeting the growing regulatory, compliance and data privacy needs of global advisory firms, corporations, heavily regulated institutions, and law firms…
… “Our new alliance with George Jon allows global corporations, law firms and service providers to more quickly and seamlessly tap into Veritone’s operating system for AI and leverage the power of Veritone aiWARE during their eDiscovery processes.” …

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Editor Comment:

This one took me a while and two websites to figure out exactly what was being sold. I highly encourage tech marketing execs pitching to a legal audience to re-examine their messaging to GET TO THE POINT. I understood that this was a partnership announcement between an AI company and a legal tech company. It took a while to figure out that George Jon apparently sells virtual/physical server ‘kits’ along with performance optimization services. I may still have missed something, but at least I now think that I understand that customers can add a Veritone aiWARE operating system to these kits for translation, transcription, etc. functionality. Putting an eDiscovery label on a server does not make it do collections or review. I do appreciate that eDiscovery can put unexpected stresses on infrastructure. As eDiscovery becomes a standardized business practice I anticipate we will see a lot more IG system integrators pitching it.

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