Understanding Microsoft’s vision and roadmap has been one of my greatest challenges at KnowNow. The key has been #Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s pivot to the cloud and Microsoft 365 as infrastructure. Nadella laid out his vision of ‘Citizen Developers’ using Low Code/No Code (LCNC) tools to create business applications in his 2017 book, Hit Refresh. eDiscovery tools and practitioners are already struggling to keep up with dynamic cloud applications, sources and content types. Think about the collection/processing challenges if every custodian’s ESI has been generated thru personal Power Automate and other workflows across multiple platforms?

Inspire Keynote by Satya Nadella PT2 “By 2025, 70% of new applications deployed for the enterprise will use low-code or no-code tools, up from less than 25% in 2020. With Power Platform, we have the leading business process automation and productivity suite for domain experts in every industry, with 20 million monthly active users.”

…“And to be clear, it’s not just one app or one workflow or one automation. It’s all about

accelerating digital capability-building across every function in the organization.”…

…“The core business logic is no longer just being written by developers; it’s being written by software. In fact, by 2025, 10% of all data will be produced by generative AI models. Analytics is moving from back-end processes to being critical part of the product experience.”…

Many of us have struggled to untangle frankenware client solutions based in Excel, SharePoint and other interconnected files. The connections always seem to break when collected and dynamic content dies on the vine. I am already seeing highly complex Teams workflows with multiple external cloud apps injecting CRM and other content into workflows.

eDiscovery professionals are reconstruction experts. We are the king’s horsemen in the wake of litigation Humpty Dumpty events. I dread trying to compile a decision timeline from the custom LCNC workstream app of a departed employee. I hate to pose challenges without some coping mechanisms.

eDiscovery and content controls have to support business innovation, not slow it down. That means engaging with IT and business units to understand and document their ESI lifecycles.

Employees should be able to easily register new custom or 3rd party applications for compliance review and approval. That review should consider the business value, security, unique content created/stored, preservation, retrieval, expiry and more. Legal needs a dynamic data map before issuing legal holds or initiating an investigation. At least you will know what is out there and can exclude it from scope when appropriate.

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