Thank you all for officially overbooking my 48 hours of ILTACON. I wanted to share all the great sessions that I now cannot attend and ask you to send me your pics, highlights, notes and open questions for my post-show blogs. After years of sorting through biz cards I have finally joined the electronic contact age. Wave me down with your phone out and I promise I will follow up after I recover from sprinting between 20+ briefings in 2 days.

For decades I have struggled between writing briefing notes and truly engaging with my interviewees. This year I am adapting our ‘Well-Formed Meeting’ KnowNow features to mobile live briefings. I hope to dramatically increase the richness and value from this year’s round of ILTA single serving briefings.

I will do a retrospective blog afterward and dive into the pre-live-post tools and workflow.


Here are all the sessions that I wanted to attend with my prep notes:


Avoiding “The Great Resignation” – Creating a Culture of Retention & Productivity
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Models: Does One Size Fit All?

  • Fascinated with the impact and coping strategies for the Great Resignation-Return-Reorganization trend.

Microsoft Teams: A Modern Cloud Phone (UCaaS) and Collaboration Tool – It’s Ready for Law Firm

  • I am spending way too much time digging up practical usage, gaps and coping strategies for clients on the M365 bus. So every #Microsoft session is important.

Microsoft Company Update

  • See above.

Beyond the ILTA Annual Technology Survey – Solving Business Problems

  • I am addicted to surveys and this preview hints at Teams, so see above.

Thanks, but No Thanks – How to Handle Technology Requests That Are Just Not Right…

  • I handle a lot of these for clients and never miss a chance to hear Catherin McPherson speak about life in the trenches.

Effectively Managing Your Client Outside Counsel Guidelines

  • I am actively helping clients analyze their legal spend and revise their O/C guidelines to minimize cost/risk/effort. Besides, Jane Bennitt is the LEDES queen.

The Microsoft Teams Journey: Where Do You Want to Go?

  • See above Microsoft note.

What’s Changed in Microsoft’s eDiscovery Tools? It’s Going to Be Easier, Right?!

  • Besides the see above, I hate missing Rachi Messing’s OG perspective on M365 eDiscovery. If you have not checked out his new freelance reviewer venture ALTorney, you should.

Automate Retention Policies to Reduce Manual Processes and Improve Compliance

  • I recently completed research (forthcoming white paper sponsored by Gimmal) on M365 retention management capabilities and practical solutions. I always want to see how others are leveraging (or not) all the new Purview functionality.

Increase Billable Hours with ZERO Apollo’s AI-powered Timekeeping Automation

  • While this was in my ‘if I get time’ list, I am always interested in time tracking and management solutions. As someone who eats on billable hours it is important to understand how I have spent my time so that I can be more effective in the future.

Leveraging Microsoft Teams to Connect People, Processes and Data to Enhance Collaboration

  • See M365/Teams above. Seeing a trend?

De-Coding Your Future – Life Lessons From a CIA Officer (a.k.a. Spy)

  • Who doesn’t want to listen to a real-world spy? More importantly, as we all must take ownership of our careers as #DitigalSamurai we need life lessons on adapting to the Great Reorganization.

Litigation Support Roundtable: Global Edition

  • Last but first. This session moderated by Relativity’s David Horrigan is not to be missed.

I look forward to seeing as many old and new friends as possible.

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