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Auto-expiration of Teams meeting recordings

Author: Microsoft

… We’re introducing a default 60-day expiration setting for all newly created Teams meeting recordings (TMRs). This means that by default, all TMRs created after we enable this feature will be deleted 60 days after their creation date…
… You should use this feature to limit OneDrive or SharePoint storage consumed by Teams meeting recordings (note: they typically use around 400 MB per hour of recording)…
… To support e-Discovery requests for compliance admins who are interested in meeting or call recordings, the recording completed message is available in the compliance content search functionality for Microsoft Teams. Compliance admins can look for the keyword "recording" in the subject line of the item in compliance content search preview and discover meeting and call recordings in the organization…

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Editor Comment:

Just a quick update as MSFT continues to consolidate storage architectures and change defaults. Per Roadmap 84580 this change will be rolled out next month.  I rarely see legal holds issued for meetings that occurred within the last 2 months, so conservative or regulated companies should extend the default retention period for TMRs to match your current base retention period. I am sure that your IT team is already well aware of the massive storage bloat that may be caused by this.

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