eDJ has launched a curated guide to the Microsoft Roadmap for eDiscovery peers. Microsoft’s live development Roadmap had 405 feature updates in August. I have the RSS feed directly connected to a Teams channel via a Power Automate flow to alert me on every change. That is a lot of new input to process every day via RSS or even using the Roadmaps excellent filters.

I have written many blogs triggered by Roadmap entries with major potential impact on eDiscovery workflows, policies and practices. There were always so many interesting new features and functionality changes that deserved attention but had low potential impact. I discussed the need for better targeted communication with the Microsoft Purview team and decided to create a monthly blog. That required a database to track the Roadmap. That inspired me to just add it as a page on eDiscovery Journal.

The default Impact page filters highlight recent items with potential impact. I give them a minor (1) to major (5) rating and provide a brief comment as to why I felt they have potential impact on typical corporate eDiscovery scenarios.

This impact page directs you to the actual Microsoft Roadmap entries via the Feature links. You should ALWAYS go to the source to confirm the information and make your own determination as to the potential impact of the feature change on your workflows. The database will be updated monthly (time allowing) with new items and updated entries. Microsoft says that Roadmap entries only stay live for 6 months after general release, so expect older entries to have dead links.

I invite feedback and discussion on this resource and the ever-changing Microsoft Roadmap. I should have the comment system functional soon, so just email me at Greg@eDJGroupInc.com for now.

Peers and providers can request a meeting at Relativity Fest.

Greg Buckles wants your feedback, questions or project inquiries at Greg@eDJGroupInc.com. Book a free 15 minute ‘Good Karma’ call if he is available. He solves problems and creates eDiscovery solutions for enterprise and law firm clients.

Greg’s blog perspectives are personal opinions and should not be interpreted as a professional judgment or advice. Greg is no longer an investigative journalist and all perspectives are based on best public information. Blog content is neither approved nor reviewed by any providers prior to being published. Do you want to share your own perspective? Greg is looking for practical, professional informative perspectives free of marketing fluff, hidden agendas or personal/product bias. Outside blogs will clearly indicate the author, company and any relevant affiliations. 

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