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How New Law is Challenging Big Law

Author: Zach Warren – Law.com

…Looking to find a separate nomenclature from “alternative legal services providers” (ALSPs), many companies, startups and law firm subsidiaries augmenting traditional legal services have adopted the New Law label as a way to promote innovation…
…the goal of New Law is rather simple: provide value…
…The rise of the term ALSP for many goes hand in hand with the idea of price wars and not much else…

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Editor Comment:

Always interesting to see a new marketing term floated to see if it will stick. Zack provides good context and differentiation of the ‘New Law’ solutions being spun out of firms. We have known that the traditional partner track firm model has been slowly eroding. The days of massed associates pulling 12 hours coding shifts to plow through millions of documents are ending. Many of my corporate clients have rules to flag these kinds of bills and we gently support their transition to more efficient discovery strategies. I can see why a firm that has investing in the technology and teams to address these issues would want a marketing label that differentiated them from their traditional litigation practice. Do you think that this ‘New Law’ term will stick?

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