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SimpleLegal Savings Calculator

Author: SimpleLegal

…SimpleLegal is a proven way to drive cost savings – even when budgets are constrained, teams are spread geographically, and legal work continues to move at a rapid pace…
…Potential Savings & Benefits in Year 1* $924,900…

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Editor Comment:

Far too many of the marketing emails that wind up in my feeds or Inboxes do not convey the ‘simple’ functionality of the product or service. It is frustrating to have to go to a web site to figure out that SimpleLegal is a cloud based legal billing management platform. eBilling is a reality for corporations with any real litigation profile. Since Mitratech seems to be buying up all their competitors, I am always looking for alternatives for my clients. I am also always looking for new calculators and cost/time models to improve my own models (like this EDRM one we did way back). The key to understanding a model is the underlying assumptions that control the output. As you can see in the screenshot, SimpleLegal’s calculator is basing their projected savings on the invoice management time savings and catching all those pesky associates billing at unapproved rates. Is this a real pain point? SimpleLegal thinks that the legal ops and inside counsel are spending 5% of their time managing invoicing. Do you spend 2+ hours a week reviewing and approving invoices?  How about the rate and billing guidelines enforcement? Although I frequently find major cost overruns from my client’s firms and providers during discovery spend assessments, I rarely find timekeepers billing at unapproved rates or doing

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