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ModeOne Announces Relativity Integration Application to Streamline Mobile Device Collections

Author: ModeOne

...ModeOne Relativity Integration Application… directly exports the collected data into a designated Relativity workspace… via a 12-month exclusive distribution and services partnership with HaystackID, Cimplifi, and Purpose Legal.
...Matt Rasmussen, CEO of ModeOn, “The new application significantly reduces the number of steps involved in the collection process, the amount of data collected, the time it takes to perform them, and the associated costs – all while allowing custodians to keep and utilize their phones during the collection process.”

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Editor Comment:

At first glance I thought, “Fantastic! I have RelativityOne clients begging for this!” Last July ModeOne  announced a direct partnership with Exterro and it is good to know that their technology will be accessible for other platforms. However, it appears that it will only be available via the 3 service partners for the next 12-months. I will nail this down in my briefing with Matt at LegalWeek. My clients are looking for remote, selective collection of employee BYOD content directly to their own RelativityOne instances to keep sensitive ESI protected and accessible for compliance, investigations and discovery. Reach out to me if you have or have implemented such a system. My LegalWeek briefing slots are booked up, but I will make time if possible to solve this pain point.

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