Write a paper on analytic data visualization in the voice of Skip Walter.” That was the rough GPT3 prompt my mentor Skip submitted in our early testing of OpenAI GPT-3 playground. A lifetime rich in academic, professional and patent publications gave GPT-3 more than enough source content to create a convincing literary product. Convincing until Skip started finding familiar sentences and chunks of verbiage seemingly lifted straight from his patents and papers. Whether GPT reconstructs your content based on a predictive linguistic model or assembles a larger work from smaller blocks of source content, it is effectively plagiarism or deep fake content in my perspective.

Beyond the monstrous web content in the various large language model data sets such as the Google C4 dataset, OpenAI’s policies gave it the right to use user submitted data to improve their models. March 1, 2023 OpenAI changed that policy to give users the right to opt-in to share their data. While I seriously doubt that OpenAI ever intended to identify or use prompt content, the possibility was sufficient to have ChatGPT banned in Italy and top global law firms.

I continue to test as many A.I. generative tools as I can access for free. As my friend Doug Austin and I discussed they can be useful for brainstorming and breaking writers block. I will not input client content or data until the industry and technology has matured. The Washington Post recently published a tool to see if your website or online content is part of Google Bard’s C4 dataset. You have to register to get access to the tool, so below are my quick searches for domains with ‘eDiscovery’ or my own sites. As always, Trust but Verify! my friends.

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