Enjoy my interview with Doug Austin on my global impact extrapolation of his 2023 Internet Minute Infographic! Doug was kind enough to publish his assumptions and sources, so I did an ad hoc research project that calculated a potential 25 MILLION man-hours to create and consume every minute from the 77 MILLION messages flying about the internet. The breakdown graphics and my own homework are available for your edutrainment.  on his 2023 Doing a fast riff on your 2023 Internet minute and wanted to see if you wanted to post it collaboratively.

All of this high-speed Google-fu comprises a vaguely scientific WAG to be consumed with a pound of salt.  I wanted to highlight that every message received constitutes potential task switching with a 5-9 minute impact to restart long term tasks. This impacts your life and the company bottom line.

It is fascinating to see how the short form messaging platforms still take time to create but reduce consumption time. I am seeing this with corporations who enable Teams/Zoom recordings. Video summarizing and hypertime viewing with transcripts is necessary with this much video content being created. When generating meeting summaries and tasks from recorded meetings/briefings I view them at 1.5-2x speed. With the transcript I rarely must refer to the video.

Here are Doug’s interview questions to me:

  • You conducted an analysis of the Internet Minute infographic that eDiscovery Today and LTMG published last week. What was the objective of that analysis and how did you go about conducting it?
  • There’s a vast difference between the time to create and consume emails vs. short message formats like text, tweets and snapchats. How did you decide the level of differentiation?
  • Out of the numbers reported, Instagram had the largest number of hours to create. Why is that?
  • You had no consumption time for Google search or ChatGPT. What was the reasoning there and how do you think the use of ChatGPT and other Generative AI will affect Google searching in the future?
  • It seems we’re generating and consuming more video than ever. What are your thoughts about that?
  • One of the goals of the Internet Minute infographic is to illustrate the volume of potentially discoverable sources of ESI for discovery. What do you think the reality is regarding what types of ESI organizations include in discovery?

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