I really should have done January before the LegalWeek craziness. Microsoft made 391 new or updated roadmap items with a couple that should be on your radar. The Purview team told me to watch for the new Purview eDiscovery (Premium) legal hold reports due to hit GA end of February. This has been a pain point since the platform stopped reporting metrics on holds. The expansion of the GraphAPI to support exports is a potential game changer for integration partners. I would expect to see announcements on ‘fully automated M365 discovery’ from key players as soon as they can get their part coded. Loop components will finally be HTML rendered for review and export. My only concern is that some requestors will want fully native productions instead of the HTML ‘rendition’.


Feature Impact eDJ Description Details Tags – Product Tags – Release phase Release Last Modified
93269 4 Since legal holds are the primary usage case for Purview eDiscovery customers, having hold reports and aggregated data could have high value depending on actual implementation. Microsoft Purview compliance portal: eDiscovery (Premium) – Hold reports (U.S. Government clouds) Out-of-the-box reports that contain information about all legal holds associated with eDiscovery cases in the Microsoft Purview compliance portal. Sort and filter your view based on various criteria and download the aggregated information for further analysis. Microsoft Purview compliance portal General Availability 3/1/2024 1/4/2024
380184 3 While HTML versions of Loop components will ease reviewer burden, users should be given the option to select export format. Export in HTML format may not suffice for criminal/regulatory investigations Microsoft Purview compliance portal: eDiscovery – Enhancements for eDiscovery support of Loop content Now eDiscovery admins can review Loop components created in Outlook or Teams within eDiscovery (Premium) as rendered HTML files to help understand the content that has been created within the Loop component. Once the component has been reviewed, it can then be exported as an HTML file to meet the requirements of the case. Microsoft Purview compliance portal General Availability 2/1/2024 1/25/2024
180170 3 This improves the ability to have contractors, external firms or managed service providers managing large scale processing without granting them eDiscovery Administrator rights. Microsoft Purview compliance portal: eDiscovery (Premium) Jobs report – access for eDiscovery Manager The access to the Jobs Report in eDiscovery (Premium) will be extended to eDiscovery Managers. eD Managers will be able to view the tenant wide quota available and list of jobs in the cases they have access to. Microsoft Purview compliance portal General Availability, Preview 1/1/2024 1/18/2024
169083 3 This has high potential value for internal ‘citizen developers’ and external partners to leverage automation through the API. Microsoft Purview compliance portal: eDiscovery – App Permissions for Graph API Now organizations who are automating eDiscovery workflows will be able to authenticate and execute workflows with an application based authentication method. Microsoft Purview compliance portal General Availability 6/1/2024 1/4/2024
124940 3 See 171100. Expansion of automatic OCR on standard file types for higher search quality. Microsoft Syntex: Optical Character Recognition in OneDrive and SharePoint supports multi-page PDF and TIFF files Currently, OCR is available only for standalone Images. With this update image-only PDF and TIFF files in OneDrive and SharePoint will also benefit from OCR. Microsoft Syntex General Availability 12/1/2023 2/2/2024
117508 4 This expansion of the GraphAPI should enable integration partners to fully automate search, retrieval and processing within the partner review platform. Microsoft Purview compliance portal: eDiscovery (Premium) – Export API The Export function plays an integral role in eDiscovery. After a review set is added, with use of this Export API, organizations can create export jobs and get the download URL to successfully download the export created in a programmatic manner. This API will enable external applications and partners to successfully integrate the eDiscovery export function through scripting. Microsoft Purview compliance portal General Availability, Preview 6/1/2023 1/24/2024


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