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Inflection or Deflection? An Aggregate Overview of Eight Semi-Annual eDiscovery Pricing Surveys

Author: Complex Discovery – Rob Robinson

…Today ComplexDiscovery shares the aggregate results of the eight eDiscovery pricing surveys administered between the winter of 2019 and the summer of 2022. Shared in comparative charts, the aggregate results of the surveys may be helpful for cybersecurity, information governance, and legal discovery professionals seeking to understand better the economics of the eDiscovery ecosystem over time…

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Editor Comment:

My thanks to Rob for this aggregate perspective of his ongoing pricing surveys. I thought that I would highlight or interpret some trends in light of pre-post pandemic impact.

Overall Collection Costs: Clear rise in analyst rates in response to the tightening labor market. I would also posit that the explosion of remote/mobile employees contributes to the impact with more complex data types.

Overall Processing Costs: Interesting how the $/GB for processing WITH analytics seems to be actually less than the $/GB for processing without analytics. Is that true all-in pricing or is this an indicator of relative customer maturity? My guess is that savvy buyers have gone all-in on analytics and preferred provider discounts.

Review Costs: Fascinating to see that alternative purchase models now comprise such a large portion of the TAR based review market. It amuses me to see that the $/doc review rate is still at the roughly $1/doc rate that I was charging back in 1992 for objective/subjective coding with my first coding shop venture.

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