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Everlaw Unveils EverlawAI Assistant Powered by Generative AI to Give Legal Teams a Jump Start on Document Review and Writing

Author: Everlaw PR

EverlawAI portfolio with newly released generative AI features available in a beta program to give legal teams an instant leg-up in text-based work and greater productivity across legal workflows within its trusted and highly secure platform.
“The real value of generative AI is when it evolves beyond a ‘tech demo’ and into the embedded workflows where legal teams live – drafting and reviewing materials, and connecting insights across a corpus to chart a straighter path to the truth,” said AJ Shankar, founder and CEO, Everlaw.
The generative-AI-created output is easily identifiable and designed for legal experts to verify and cross-check for correctness. Supporting sources are cited along with generated answers to make it easy to verify them.
Ryan O’Leary, Research Director at IDC. “After a lot of generative AI hype, there’s underlying skepticism in the legal industry. The software platforms that can reliably deliver and layer on AI in a responsible and trusted way will likely win the hearts and minds of legal teams.”

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Editor Comment:

I barely skim the daily flood of generative AI marketing announcements filing my feeds. Luckily, my peer and friend Chuck Kellner challenged me and the usual suspects to comment on the EverlawAI Portfolio beta program announcement. The “See EverlawAI in Action” video probably gives the best overview of the document to draft workflow that Everlaw has woven summarization, entity extraction, sentiment analysis and generative narrative synthesis features into. I have lots of technical questions and security concerns for my next briefing, but I can immediately see that the Everlaw team has delivered practical, usable functionality instead of the GPT ‘Easy Button’ that I see others promising. Will users actually take the time to validate the summarizes? Will associates rewrite the Storybook generative narrative drafts or just a pad their billable hours?

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