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The Best Legal Tech Blogs and Resources by Experts in the Field

Author: Lawrina

At a time when clients want to work with the most “modern” lawyers who use artificial intelligence (AI), automate their tasks, and show that they are not standing still, lawyers must devote a lot of attention to development. That’s why we asked opinion leaders and legal tech professionals to share their favorite resources for the latest news. This list includes some must-read and must-listen resources that will help you stay on track with legal technology.

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Editor Comment:

My thanks to Cat Casey for giving eDJ an honorable mention along with Ralph Losey and Rob Robinson. I would add Doug Austin’s eDiscovery Today, Craig Ball’s Ball in Your Court, Kelly Twigger’s eDiscovery Assistant, Chris Dale’s eDisclosure Information Project, the EDRM blog, and JD Supra’s Electronic Discovery channel. In this time of generative AI and news aggregation it is important to understand your sources, their potential bias and what drives their content. The eDiscovery Journal is effectively now a not-for-profit labor of love. Which means that it is no longer one of the ‘best’ resources for every breaking new technology or caselaw. I do hope that it continues to deliver real, balanced and useful perspectives on our complex calling.

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